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3iii Challenger Round

3iii 2017 Challenger will be introduced at Level-3 i.e., State Indian Icon 

Registration opens on July 18th 2017 and closes on Aug 22nd 2017.

3iii Challenger will provoide opportunity to talent who missed the dead of registering as 3iii participant. 

As 3iii challengers are registered at State Indian Icon level i.e., Level-3 and will be competing against the best 9 of the category selected from Level-1 & Level-2 for the Icon State. Challlenger will go thorugh the same process of uploading and submitting video as competition video at level-3 and will go thorugh on-line voting and judgment process along with best 9 of the category by Icon state. 

State Indian Icon for each catgeory will be declared on Sep 14th 2017 and will move to next level i.e., Level-4 (Country Icon: Indian American Icon & Indian Canadian Icon).

Rrgisteration Fees for 3iii Challenger Registration: $100/- (Non-refundable) 


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