3iii International Challenger & Wild Card Entry  

3iii International Challenger (s) and the wild card entries always make a competition fight to go on for. In deed, without the unexpected, there is no expected winning or losing. 

  1. Candidates with unique talent / performance are in rights to introduce, at the discretion of Gee Vision Inc. as "Challenger (s)"/" Wild Card Entry" in the show anytime at any level as deemed fit by Gee.
  2. Gee Vision Inc. can open Challenger (s) registration at any level with specified registration fee to give opportunity to highly talented performers to become part of the 3iii competition.
  3. Anyone can register as 3iii International Challenger by paying challenger registration fee. 
    1. International Challenger will challenge Semi-finalists directly in semi-final on 3iii production stage in Chicago, USA on Nov 24th or 25th 2022
  4. Any winner of any reputed competition of any category from across the globe is eligible to introduce as challenger (s) at a suitable level in the corresponding category.
  5. Anyone from any part of the world can register as a International Challenger to challenge semi-finalists in any category in Chicago on Nov 24th or 25th 2022 on 3iii Production stage in-front of celebrity jduges during semi-final round.
    1. Deserving participants wil proceed to finale as per judegs' decision