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3iii Fashion ICON 2018 

1. Register at www.3iii.us to take part in 3iii Fashion ICON 

2. After paying competition Fees, login using your login/password in to your 3iii Dashboard and upload 2 to 4 minutes video and 3 to 5 pictures 

3. Video: Litle bit about yourself e.g., Name, age, height, weight, from City/State/Country, Passion, any Talent, Hobby, Why you want to be a Fashion ICON, what you will do if you win 3iii Fashion ICON title, little bit about your family, goals and walk. 

4. Pictures: 3 to 5 Pictures, Headshot, Full Body Shot, Sides, Poses 

5. Judges will judge your videos and pictures and if they like, you will be invited to Chicago for 3iii Fashion ICON on Nov 23rd 2018 and will be part of 3iii 2018 Season-II Grand-finale too (Nov 24th 2018).

6. All participanrs need to bear their own all logstical expenses. Gee Vision will try to arrange discounted price hotel which may include breakfast, taxes and travel from Airport to Hotel to Venue.

7. There is no restriction on participation, any one of any age group i.e. Kid, Female, Male can take part in 3iiii Fashion ICON.

8. Awards & Recognition:

    1. 3iii Fashion ICON 2018: Winner, 1st & 2nd Runner-ups will get Tiara/Trophy and 3iii Certificate and endorsements, if any  

    2. 5 Titles (Will get Sashes) 

        a. 3iii Bold & Beautiful 

        b. 3iii Trendsetter 

        c. 3iii Best Personality

        d. 3iii Attire 

        e. 3iii Prodigy 

3iii Fashion ICON 2018 9. Any question, feel free to write @ info@INTERNATIONALindianICON.com or call +1 510-551-8505