Using an on-line and on-site platform 3iii (Three Eye) enable the global Indian talent to showcase their talent to the world, and to foster a deep relationship with Indian art and culture.


To enable every Indian from every corner of the world to enrich the world through talent on our online/on-site platforms and not leave any talent behind.

Provide opprtunity to global Inetial talent through 3iii on-line/on-site global platform to showcase their talent at International level to keep talent borm and broight-up out-side India even in India close to our Indian art and culture.

Problem being solved

Different talents would require different platforms earlier. For e.g. Indian Idol for singing, Dance India Dance for dancing, and India’s Got Talent for any other talent were necessary. Candidates DO NOT have to participate in separate competitions any more. Also, access to Internet is the only type of technology required.

Far more opportunities are available to represent one’s state or country through this medium today. Every state will get to choose its own State Indian Icon, while all the State Indian Icons will compete together for a Country Indian Icon.

Yet another first by 3iii is the evaluation of non competitive videos by the jury. The competitor can CHOOSE HIS/HER OWN celebrity judge and get the video assessed before qualification. This facility will be available across all categories of the competition. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get evaluated by qualified celebrity judge.