3iii Partner PROPOSAL: With or Without Investment

3iii State/Country & Execution Partner

Host 3iii Auditions, Quarter-final / Semi-final in your State / Country


Gee Visions Inc. is in search of passionate individuals, organizations, event management companies, businessmen, professionals and/or talent who would like to host 3iii Auditions, Quarter-final/Semi-final as State Indian Icon / Country Indian Icon of INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON - 3iii 2021 Season-V in your state and country to give opportunity to talent of your State / Country to showcase their talent at International level.

3iii 2021 Season-V Main Features:


Depending on your interest and investment capacity, you can choose one of the following model to become part of

3iii 2021 Season-V as 3iii State / Country Partner (Franchisee Model)  with some investment or 3iii Execution Partner with NO or minimal investment.

3iii Franchisee Model:

State/Country Partner (SP/CP):

WITH INVESTMENT (You Own Competition for one Year)

               1. Partners interested 3iii State / Country Franchisee will be declared as 3iii State / Country Partner

               2. Ownership of State / Country Indian Icon for one Year

               a. Gee Vision in Association of State / Country Partner present State Indian Icon

               b. You get 1st right of refusal for next year competition

3. Cost/Investment & Role/Responsibilities

                              a. One time Annual Franchisee Fees to Gee at the time of the singing agreement

                                             - $5,000/- per State

                                             - $10,000/- to $40,000/- per Country

                                                            - Depending on Country Indian Population

                              b. Promotion of 3iii State / 3iii Country Icon in your State / Country 

                              c. Host Audition and State Indian Icon as Quarter-final or Country Indian Icon as semi-final

                                             i. 1 to 2 days event depending on number of registrations

                                             ii. Arrange venue, stage, audio, video, judges, anchor, still camera, food, hotel etc.

                                             iii. Execute 3iii Audition and Quarter-finale/Semi-final and send winner to                                                                                   3iii 2021 Season-V finale & Grand-finale in USA during last week of Dec 2021

               4. Your Revenue & Benefit

                              a. 100% Registration Fees

i. $100/- per Audition (All Countries except India)

ii. $35/- per Audition  (For India)

                              b. 100% Sponsorship brought by you for your State/Country Indian Icon

                              c. 100% Audience Tickets revenue    

                              d. Other Revenue: Booth, promotional items, any other type of revenue from local event

                              e. You are declared as 3iii State/Country Partner on www.3iii.us

                                             - You register as 3iii Partner on 3iii.us with your profile and picture

                                             - You will be able to track registrations of your State/Country on www.3iii.us

                              f. You will be invited to 3iii 2021 Episode Production and finale/Grand-finale in USA as 3iii Partner

                              g. If you sell 3iii Episode on to any TV channel or bring any Ad for episodes, you get 20% of the revenue                                     brought by you

               5. Gee Role & Responsibilities

                              a. 3iii Processes, Rules & Regulations, website, App, Awards, Medals, Certificates

                              b. Finale and Grand-finale hosting & Episode Production                                                            

                              c. Judges, Anchors for finale & Grand-finale

                              d. Episodes making and airing on TV Channel like Sahara One, Samay, Filmy and Streaming on Global                                   Streaming Platform Lykstage and on 3iii YouTube along with multiple social medias and global OTT                                          platforms


3iii Execution Partner (EP)


               1. Partners interested to support 3iii in your State/Country will be declared as 3iii Execution Partner (EP)

               2. Role & Responsibilities:

                              a. Promote 3iii State/Country Indian Icon in your State/Country

b. Help Gee in Hosting Audition & State/Country Indian Icon as Quarter-final/Semi-final                            in your State/Country

                                             i. 1 to 2 days event depending on number of registrations

                                             ii. Arrange venue, stage, audio, video, judges, anchor, still camera, food, hotel

                                             iii. Help in getting local sponsors for State/Country Partners 

                                             iv. Help in selling event/audience tickets

               3. Your Benefits

  1. Revenue Sharing

    1. If you host Audition and Quarter-final or Semi-final on-site

      1. Net profit after all expenses will be shared in the ratio of 50:50 from following revenue

        1. Sponsorship brought by EP

        2. Audience ticket sold by EP

        3. On-site audition fees of $20/- per participants

        4. Depending on State & Country

        5. EP gets 20% of registration fees through EP custom registration link or Promotion Code

    2. If Audition and Quarter-final or Semi-final on-line or Gee host on-site   

      1. You get 20% of revenue brought by you

        1. registrations brought by you

        2. sponsorship brought by EP

        3. audience tickets sold by you

    3. Gee keeps 100% registration fees


Our mission is to provide a world class International online / onsite platform to Indian Talent across the globe to keep them close to our Indian art and culture by giving them opportunity to showcase their talent at Global Talent platform to pursue dreams of their passion.


We welcome anyone who would like to join hands with our mission to promote Indian art and culture in your city, state, country and globally with or without investment.


If our passion aligns with your thoughts and business strategies to connect to Indian across the globe, let's join hands to build something unique for Global Indian Talent community.


Next Step:

If you like 3iii Concept, Vision & Mission and would like to move to next step, please register as 3iii Partner using following link

https://www.internationalindianicon.com/partner_registration.php as State/Country Partner


Please confirm through e-mail waliasharan@hotmail.com or WhatsApp +1510-551-8505 your option of State/Country Partner or Execution Partner to send you agreement to sign and to declare you as our proud 3iii Partner.


Any question, feel free to write or call any time.




Sharan Walia

CEO/President of Gee Vision Inc.


3iii 2021 Season-V



www.3iii.us / www.INTERNATIONALindianICON.con

WhatsApp: +1 510-551-8505