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On this page, you will find the relatable information about the concept, competition, seasons, and fees. We feel it is our duty to give you the overview about International Indian Icon present season to ensure your talent does not go in vain behind the walls of self-doubt. 

  1. 3iii Concept & Overview

    1. Glossaries

      1. 3iii – Three Eye: INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON
      2. 3ion: Participant who paid Competition Fees
      3. 3iii Talent: Who registered but did not Pay Competition Feesiv.ICON State: State where 3iii Program has been declared for State Indian Icon
      4. ICON Country: Country or Region where 3iii Program has been declared
      5. Comp Video: Competition Video
  2. 3iii Five Seasons

    1. 3iii Season-I

      1. USA & Canada
    2. 3iii Season-II

      1. USA, Canada, UK & Europe
    3. 3iii Season-III (Current Season)

      1. USA, Canada, Caribbean (All 28 Countries), UK (All 4 Countries), Europe (All 29 Countries), Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Rest of the World (All countries except listed above)
    4. 3iii Season-IV

      1. USA, Canada, Caribbean (All 28 Countries), UK (All 4 Countries), Europe (All 29 Countries), Australia, New Zealand, Africa (All Countries), South Africa, Middle East (All Countries), Asia (Not including India), Rest of the Word
    5. 3iii Season-V

      1. All countries

    1. 2019 Season-III (Current Season) 
      1. 3iii Junior: Age <= 16 Years
      2. 3iii:  Age > 16
  4. Categories

    1. Singing
    2. Dancing
    3. I Got Talent (IGT)
      1. Sub-categories
        1. Instruments
        2. Fashion
        3. Acting
        4. Comedy
        5. My Talent
    4. Note
      1. Sub-category under IGT will become main category like Singing and Dancing, Once Number of registrations under the sub-category crosses required number otherwise sub-category will remain under “I Got Talent” and all participants compete for “I Got Talent” category. Best participants performing onsite per sub-category may be may be recognized as per Judges decision.
  5. 9 Country Icons (Regions)

    1. Indian American Icon
    2. Indian Canadian Icon
    3. British Indian Icon
    4. European Indian Icon
    5. Indian Caribbean Icon
    6. Indian Australian Icon
    7. Indian New Zealander Icon
    8. Indian South African Icon 
    9. Indian Icon - Rest of the World
  6. 14 State Icons

    1. USA
      1. Atlanta Indian Icon
      2. Boston Indian Icon
      3. California Indian Icon
      4. Colorado Indian Icon
      5. Florida Indian Icon
      6. Illinois Indian Icon
      7. New Jersey Indian Icon
      8. New York Indian Icon
      9. Ohio Indian Icon
      10. Seattle Indian Icon
      11. Texas Indian Icon
      12. Virginia Indian Icon
    2. Canada
      1. Toronto Indian Icon
      2. Vancouver Indian Icon  
  7. 5 Level Program

    1. Level-1: Registration/Audition  
    2. Level-2: Re-evaluation
    3. Level-3: State Indian Icon (Quarter-finals)
    4. Level-4: India Country Icon (Semi-finals)
    5. Level-5: International Indian Icon (Grand-finale)
  8. Awards

    1. Trophy for Winner of each Category for 3iii Jr & 3iii
    2. Medal to 1st and 2nd Runner-up of each category
    3. Certificate to every one reaching Level-3 and above
    4. Single for all 3iii Winners of all categories
  9. On-line / On-site

    1. On-line
      1. Level-1 through Level-3
        1. Level-1: Registration/Audition  
        2. Level-2: Re-evaluation
        3. Level-3: State Icon
      2. On-site / On-line
        1. Level-4 (Country Icon) & Level-5 (Grand-finale)
          1. On-site if No. of registrations are met otherwise on-line
          2. If on-site, participants not coming on-site will be participating on-line but opportunity will be passed to next in line
      3. Travel & Lodging Boarding
        1. All qualified participants coming on-site will need to travel to Chicago, USA on their own expenses and will be responsible for their own lodging and Boarding expenses
        2. Gee Vision will arrange discounted Hotel and if possible Travel agent to book flights at discounted or reasonable rates
        3. On-site events dates and venue will be declared by end of July 2019
  10. Registration

    1. Pre-registration

      1. Any one from any part of the word can pre-register for INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON - 3iii 2019 Season-III at any time on www.3iii.us
      2. As soon as registration opens, you will be informed to register to take part in competition
    2. FREE Registration as TALENT

      1. Any one from any part of the word can register for INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON - 3iii 2019 Season-III in one of the listed Country Icons / Regions   
      2. Talent can upload video to showcase their talent to the world. Talent’s video will be available to search on-line under Search Talent BUT Talent will not be able to take part in 3iii competition without paying competition fees.
    3. Competition FEES

      1. Onetime Competition FEES of $100/- per Participant is must for participants to take part in 3iii Competition.
      2. Competition Fees is Non-refundable and is valid for the Competition Year only.
      3. You can upload video in your 3iii Dashboard but cannot make it Competition Video without paying Competition Fees.
      4. Competition Fees for each Country is charged in its currency equal to 100 USD. Approximate local Currency Competition will be displayed but it may not be 100% exact.
      5. Payment Gateways
        1. Authorize.Net
        2. PayPal
        3. Sulekha (Only for USA & Canada)
          1. Payment Gateway Fees of 3% to 6% will be charged in addition to Competition Fees depending on Gateway you pick to pay Competition Fees.
    4. 3ion/Participant

      1. To take part in 3iii Competition, one has to pay onetime annual competition fees of $100/-
      2.  Talent becomes 3ion/Participant after paying competition fees.