3iii 2021 Concept & Overview

3iii has been envisioned as the world’s first on-line (over the Internet) and on-site (at physical venues) reality show. For the first time ever, participants can not just get their performances evaluated for improvement (online), but can also be evaluated on the spot by the esteemed panel of judges (online LIVE). What’s more, candidates can choose their own judge from the panel!

This is a one-of-its-kind global platform for locating and promoting Indian talent from every part of the world. If you are an Indian anywhere and have been looking for a flexible forum to showcase your talent, THIS is the forum to do it. 

Who has developed it?

Gee Vision Inc. is the parent company responsible for creating 3iii. The company has been created as a cultural conglomeration, with the aim of bringing together talents from dance, music, and other performing arts. By encouraging talented individuals, it looks to create endless collaborations of artists from all over the world.

Who is the audience?

This content is suitable for both TV and online viewers of all ages

No need to go to different platforms

3iii is one platform on which participants can apply for several performances, including

Earlier there were different programs for every event, but not anymore!

3iii 2021 Season-V Pitch Deck

http://internationaltalenticon.com/bank/1614309652_3iii 2021 Season-V Pitch Deck v1.1 - General.pdf