Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Audition Fee?

To participate in the 3iii Competition, registration, video uploads, and audition scheduling are entirely free on our website. Showcase your talent to the world without any fees.

2. Why do I have to pay a Production Confirmation Fee?

The Production Confirmation Fee serves two main purposes. It contributes to covering the operational costs of the show and ensures that only serious participants engage in the competition.

3. Can I register in multiple categories?

Yes, you can register in multiple categories. Each audition for different categories requires a separate audition fee.

4. Can I register in multiple competitions?

Absolutely. You can participate in various competitions under the INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON umbrella, including state, zonal, and country-level competitions.

5. Does my registration expire? How long is it valid?

Once registered, you become a lifetime member of 3iii. Your registration remains valid indefinitely. However, the production confirmation fee is valid for the year of the competition only.

6. Do I need to pay a Competition Fee for each level of the 3iii competition?

No, the competition fee is a one-time annual payment covering all levels of the competition for that year. However, if you audition for multiple categories, fees are required for each category.

7. Are there any age restrictions?

While there are no strict age restrictions, participants under 18 require parental consent. Participants are grouped into Junior (<=16 years), Senior (16-55 years), and Super Senior (>55 years) categories.

8. Who can participate?

Any Indian from any part of the world, of any talent category, age, or gender, can participate. Non-Indian participants must showcase their talent in an Indian context.

9. Will the competition be online or on-site?

3iii offers both online and on-site audition options. Participants can register and audition online through our website or app. On-site auditions are also available in select locations.

10. What is the difference in Online, Online LIVE, and On-site Auditions?

Online auditions involve uploading a pre-recorded video, while Online LIVE auditions are conducted via Zoom. On-site auditions take place at specific physical locations.

11. What are the awards at the various stages of the competition?

Winners receive cash prizes, trophies, medals, certificates, sponsored prizes, and endorsements. All participants who qualify for Level 3 and above receive electronic certificates.

12. Can I request a celebrity/professional judgment of my video separately?

Yes, you can request judgment from listed celebrity judges for non-audition videos by paying their judgment fees in advance.

13. Will I be able to view the details of all judgments?

While you can't view judgment details for competition videos, you'll see likes, ratings, and comments. Non-audition video judgments are fully accessible.

14. Will I be reimbursed for travel and lodging?

Participants are responsible for their travel, lodging, and other expenses incurred for in-person competitions. Gee Vision does not reimburse these expenses.

15. How many videos can I upload?

There's no limit to the number of videos you can upload, but only one can be submitted per audition for voting and judgment. We recommend keeping around 10 videos in your dashboard.