Episode Production, Finale & Grand-finale

Chicago, USA: From Dec 25th to Dec 30th 2021 

Top 200 to 250 selected & qualified participants from across the globe come to USA.

Gee will help participants in getting visa by providing proper documentation to participate in 3iii competition in USA.

Participants will be responsibile for their expenses to come to USA alomg with all logding and boadring expense during their stay in USA. 

Gee will arrange discounted hotel and food for all participants during their stay during production.

Winners of 3iii 2021 Season-V may need to stay back for 2 to 3 days for single video production.

Winners and/or selected/deserving participants may need to stay back or travel to the selected venue for shooting of feature film GOOD BETTER BEST by Mushtaq Pasha.

Tentative Schedule:

All participants arrive: Dec 24th 2021 

Finale Shooting: Dec 25th to 28th 2021

3iii FASHION ICON 2021: Dec 29th 2021

3iii GRAND-FINALE & Awards: Dec 30th 2021

New Year Eve & celebration: Dec 31st 2021

3iii Single Video Shhoting: Jan 1st to 3rd 2021

Feature Film GOOD BETTER BEST shooting: Jan 5th to Jan 15th 2021