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3iii-Wining Tips for Icon Title  

Need help! These tips will help you in winning 3iii ICON Title.

International Indian Icon (3iii), this title is enlisting the Indian talents across globe. Now, it’s your

Chance (s) to win the title if you are going to follow the tips and steps, carefully. Get yourself a familiar audience to promote yourself through this international talent platform.

  1. Why hold back to register and upload Competition Video ASAP?
    1. Registration closes on July 31st 2020 but why to wait that long.
    2. Benefits of registering as participant as early as possible
      1. Secure your place in quarter-finale
      2. Make use of 3 to 4 months (From Apr to July) to promote your video globally to get 500 votes to move yourself Level-3 on popularity basis to secure your place in quart-finale
      3. Time to prepare 3 to 4 videos to submit for quarter-finale, semi-finale & grand-finale
      4. get your video non-competition videos evaluated from Bollywood celebrity, judges, experts to get tips to submit competition videos
  2. Selection Process 
    1. Voting/Popularity Basis
      1. Submit your competition video at each level ASAP to promote to get required votes to move yourself to next level on popularity basis
  3. Gee Panel Judgment
    1. Make best quality competition video as per 3iii specifications and submit ASAP to get judged by Gee Panel of Judges and/or 3iii International Jury to get qualified for next level.
  4. Competition Fees
    1. Make sure you pay competition fees ASAP to become a proud 3ion/participant and to submit your uploaded video as competition video to take part in 3iii competition.
  5. Competition/Comp Video
    1. Keep 4-5 best quality competition videos as per 3iii video standard to submit on time as per 3iii 2020 Calendar             
      1.  1st Video for Level-1 (Audition)
        1.  Submit Comp Video ASAP between Apr 1st & July 31st 2020
      2. 2nd Video for Level-2 (Re-evaluation)
        1. May or may not need to submit this video. If required by Aug 10th 2020
      3. 3rd Video for Level-3 (Quarter-finale/State Icon)
        1.  Submit Comp Video ASAP between Aug 17th & Aug 31st 2020
      4. 4th Video for Level-4 (Semi-finale/Country Icon)
        1. Submit Comp Video ASAP between Sep 21st  & Oct 11th 2020
      5. 5th Video for Level-5 (Grand-finale/International Icon)
        1. Submit Comp Video ASAP between Oct 26th  & Nov 30th 2020
  6. Competition videos are required for on-line competition only. If any level is conducted on-site then video is not required.
  7. Comp Video (s) should be latest one and not to be recorded/older more than 6 months before the submission’s date.
  8. Video should be clear and HD quality.
  9. No noise or background sound.
  10. You can shoot video from your mobile if needed.
  11. 3iii Logo

                Download 3iii Logo by clicking the button “3iii Logo” and print it on 12”x17” or 8”x11” Glossy         Card Stock Paper and paste the logo at top left on the wall behind while you record your video     or if possible, you can embed 3iii logo at top left after you record your video.

                This is a recommendation not requirement.

  1. You can record video using any HD camcorder
    • It should be in Landscape formation.
    • No effects or VFX should be added to the video.
    • Video should be in MP4 or ProRes (.mov) codec.
    • The video should be referable recorded with a good camera and ample light.
    • The video should be of high quality (preferably HD quality) and clear sound.
    • The video should be shot in one take.
    • No Editing: Video should not be manipulated or edited in any manner. Any video found manipulated/edited will be rejected without any explanation to the participant.
    • The video should be 3 to 4 minutes in length and should not exceed 4 minutes. Few secs more or less are exemplary.
    • Upload your video directly from your 3iii dashboard from your laptop, desktop, or phone.
    • You can upload video on YouTube and can give link in your 3iii Dashboard.
  2. Introduction or Intro Video
    • Every 3ion/Participant has to submit his/her one Intro Video of approx. 1 to 2 minutes.
    • Either you can give your Intro at start of your Competition Video or can record a separate Intro Video.
    • Introduction Guidelines – If you record a separate Intro Video
      1. Introduce yourself (3iii ID Number, Name, Age, City, State, Country, Education)
      2. Little bit about yourself, your family and what you do.
      3. Why do you want to participate in 3iii, which category and why?
      4. What makes you a unique participant in your category?
    • What would you like to do if you become an International Indian Icon?
    • Not More than 90 Secs.
    • Introduction Guidelines – If you add your Intro at 1st of your Competition Video
      1. Just Say your 3iii ID Number, Name, State and Country, Category and Little bit about your Performance. (No More than 30 Secs Intro).

      i. Online Promotion

Promote your video to get maximum Likes, Votes, 5-Star Rating of your video and Comments using any social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-mail, or any social media by sharing 3iii Participant Individual Page Link.


​​​​​Likes are used to list your video at top of the list under “Most Popular Video”.

Note: Likes are NOT counted for 3iii selection process at any level.


Number of votes will help you in moving yourself to next level.

Winner, 1st and 2nd Runner-up at each level will be selected on the basis of Gee Panel Judges’ evaluation only, NOT on number of votes. 


Anyone can comment on any video but Participants in his/her 3iii Dashboard can disable comments for 3iii website visitors if he/she does not want visitors to read his/her comments, but cannot delete.

5 Star Rating

Promote your video on social media to get 5-Star rating.

5-Star rating videos are on watch by Bollywood, Hollywood, and event organizers globally to provide you your life time opportunity.

       j. 3iii Social Media Connect

Ensure you connect to following 3iii Social Media to get yourself updated on all 3iii News

Like Facebook 3iii Official Page

Send a FB Friend Request to 3iii Facebook

Join Facebook Group: 3iii Participant Only

Follow 3iii Twitter

Follow 3iii Instagram

Follow 3iii YouYube Channel

      k. Song Selection

Carefully select your performance song as song selection is very critical in any competition. Consult your teacher or mentor.