3iii-Wining Tips for Icon Title  

Need help! These tips will help you in winning 3iii ICON Title.

Important Tips to come to Chicago, USA

  1. Tips to get selected as one of the top 200 participants to get invitaton for Chicago, USA for 3iii Episode Production from Nov 24th to 27th 2022
    1. Register and schedule paid on-line audition with uploaded video @ 3iii.us ASAP.
    2. Sooner you schedule paid on-line audition, sooner judges judge your video and if qualified, you will get invitation to come to Chicago.
  2. Keep track of the deadlines with the help of 3iii Calendar.
  3. Visit www.3iii.us for updates throughout the duration of the competition.
  4. There are no substitutes for perseverance and hard work
  5. Just like an author must read other books too to enhance vocabulary, you must also view other videos to enhance your skills
  6. Be confident of your abilities and stop worrying about the final result
  7. Pick a popular song for your performance which people love to listen & watch you performing. 
  8. If you are appearing in a talent show for the first time, use our facility to get a non-competition video judged first
  9. For online LIVE audition (Zoom), only dance category participants need to upload video, participants of all other categories can perform live or can upload video.
    1. For better quality, video upload is better for judges to pre-judge the videos  
    2. Upload video on 3iii Dashboard and/or on 3iii Google Drive link provided by 3iii Team
  10. For onsite, make sure you reach on time and are well dressed and all onsite auditions will be shot with multiple HD cameras for production
  11. Why hold back to register and schedule audition Video ASAP?
    1. Registration closes on Jun 30th 2022 but why to wait that long.
    2. Benefits of scheduling aditions as early as possible
      1. Secure your place in semi-final ASAP
      2. Make use of 3 to 4 months (From Apr to July) to promote your video globally to get 5000 votes and/or 10,000 likes and/or 3000 five star rating to move yourself to next level on popularity basis to secure your place in semi-final (Online LIVE or On-site)
      3. Time to prepare  for semi-finale, finale  & grand-finale
      4. get your non-competition videos evaluated from Bollywood celebrity, judges, experts to get tips to submit competition videos
  12. Selection Process 
    1. Voting/Popularity Basis
      1. Submit your audition video ASAP to promote to get required votes to move yourself to next level on popularity basis
  13. Audition Fees
    1. Make sure you schedule audition and pay audition fees, audition will not be scheduled until audition fees is paid. 
  14. Audition Video
    1. Audition / Competition videos are required for on-line audition only. 
    2. Comp Video (s) should be latest one and not to be recorded/older more than 6 months before the submission’s date.
    3. Video should be clear and HD quality.
    4. No noise or background sound.
    5. You can shoot video from your mobile if needed.
    6. You can record video using any HD camcorder
      • It should be in Landscape formation.
      • No effects or VFX should be added to the video.
      • Video should be in MP4 or ProRes (.mov) codec.
      • The video should be referable recorded with a good camera and ample light.
      • The video should be of high quality (preferably HD quality) and clear sound.
      • The video should be shot in one take.
      • No Editing: Video should not be manipulated or edited in any manner. Any video found manipulated/edited will be rejected without any explanation to the participant.
      • The video should be 3 to 4 minutes in length and should not exceed 4 minutes. Few secs more or less are exemplary.
      • Upload your video directly from your 3iii dashboard from your laptop, desktop, or phone.
      • You can upload video on YouTube and can give link in your 3iii Dashboard.
  15. Introduction or Intro Video
    • Every 3ion/Participant has to submit his/her one Intro Video of approx. 1 to 2 minutes.
    • Either you can give your Intro at start of your Competition Video or can record a separate Intro Video.
    • Introduction Guidelines – If you record a separate Intro Video
      1. Introduce yourself (3iii ID Number, Name, Age, City, State, Country, Education)
      2. Little bit about yourself, your family and what you do.
      3. Why do you want to participate in 3iii, which category and why?
      4. What makes you a unique participant in your category?
    • What would you like to do if you become an International Indian Icon?
    • Not More than 90 Secs.

      i. Online Promotion

Promote your video to get maximum Likes, Votes, 5-Star Rating of your video and Comments using any social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-mail, or any social media by sharing 3iii Participant Individual Page Link.


​​​​​Likes are used to list your video at top of the list under “Most Popular Video”.

Non-competition Videos getting 10,000 likes will be selected for 3iii competition 


Number of votes will help you in moving yourself to next level.

Winner, 1st and 2nd Runner-up at each level will be selected on the basis of Gee Panel Judges’ evaluation only, NOT on number of votes. 


Anyone can comment on any video but Participants in his/her 3iii Dashboard can disable comments for 3iii website visitors if he/she does not want visitors to read his/her comments, but cannot delete.

5 Star Rating

Promote your video on social media to get 5-Star rating.

Videos getting 2000 5-Star rating in the Season will be selected for 3iii competition and will be moved to next level. Videos are being  watched by Bollywood, Hollywood, and event organizers globally to provide you your life time opportunity.

       j. 3iii Social Media Connect

Ensure you connect to following 3iii Social Media to get yourself updated on all 3iii News

Like Facebook 3iii Official Page


Send a FB Friend Request to 3iii Facebook


Join Facebook Group: 3iii Participant Only


Follow 3iii Twitter


Follow 3iii Instagram


Follow 3iii YouYube Channel


      k. Song Selection

Carefully select your performance song as song selection is very critical in any competition. Consult your teacher or mentor.

Select popular song which people like, don;t focrce your selection on audience. Always select most popular song which you can sing perfectly. Do not try to select tough songs to impress judges.