Videos for 3iii Competition

Audition Video

Intro Video

  1.  Intro Video should be 2 to 3 minutes long only.
  2. Introduce yourself (3iii ID Number, Name, Age, City, State, Country, Education)
  3. Tell about yourself, your family and what you do
  4. Shoot video outside your home, school, city with an attractive background
  5. Tell something unique about your family, City, State or country which can attract the audience
  6. Tell who is your Guru, how many years you have been learning, what you want to become etc.
  7. Why do you want to participate in 3iii and which category and why
  8. What makes you a unique participant in your category
  9. What would you like to do if you become an International Indian Icon
  10. You can shoot your intro video outside or inside your house or anywhere to make it attractive so that we can use it for episodes/web-series. Interesting intro videos will be included in 3iii episodes and web-series.
  11. Add some interesting information and facts about your City, State, Country to attract the audience and to make the episode interesting
  12. Upload video on your 3iii Dashboard (Login & Upload) as well as on 3iii Google Drive link provided by 3iii Team

Journey Video

  1. Participants coming to Dubai will need to make their journey video using their cell phone/video camera in HD quality and in landscape mode
  2. Start making video from your home and keep shooting throughout your journey, while in Dubai and during your return journey back home
  3. You can make multiple clips of any duration
  4. You can upload clips of your Journey video anytime on 3iii Google Drive link provided by 3iii Team
  5. The participant can schedule as many auditions (online, online LIVE, on-site) but need to pay for each audition.
  6.  For online audition, Audition Video is the only criteria on which candidates will be judged online; all the other videos will be considered as Non-Competition.