Ratings of participants schedhling online audition will be on the basis of the audition videos that they uploaded during schedling audition. Make sure that you adhere to the following video guidelines:

  1. Video must be of HD quality.
  2. Picture and sound must be crystal clear
  3. Videography should be completed in a single cut
  4. There should be no manipulation of any form in the video. Manipulations, if any, will automatically disqualify the participant.
  5. The introduction has to be made in the first 30 seconds to 1 minute. Alternatively, you can even record it as a separate video
  6. Emphasis must be devoted to synchronization and coordination
  7. Video length should be 2-3 minutes. A few seconds lesser or more is fine
  8. Try to shoot your video with a Green Screen background or plane one color background or pleasant  background. 
  9. If judges come to know of any manipulation in the video, the participant will be automatically disqualified
  10. The limit to the number of videos you can upload will be given on your Dashboard. We recommend that you do not upload more than 10.
  11. Video must be uploaded 1st or during scheduling online audition
    1. Scheduled Paid auditions cannot be changed or deleted      
  12. In case you face any kind of technical issue, send a mail to