Video Guidelines for 3iii Participants


Talent Video:

Capture your talent in stunning HD quality, ensuring a seamless performance within a single take. Remember, no editing is allowed – authenticity is key. Your video should be recent, and recorded within the last six months, with no alterations or effects. Maintain pristine audio quality, free from any distracting background noise. Opt for a green screen backdrop if possible, or choose a visually appealing setting if not. Keep the background simple, either a single-colored wall or an outdoor location with an attractive view. For group performances, prioritize synchronization and coordination. Videos should be 2-3 minutes long and saved in MP4 or ProRes (.mov) format. Submit your video online during your scheduled audition. If technical issues arise, reach out to for assistance.

Introduction Video:

In your 2-3 minute intro video, introduce yourself with your 3iii ID Number, Name, Age, City, State, and Country, along with your educational background. Share insights about your family, interests, and aspirations. Film your video outdoors against a captivating backdrop, highlighting unique aspects of your family, hometown, or culture. Discuss your journey in your chosen category, including your mentorship and ambitions. Explain why you're eager to participate in 3iii, specifying your category of interest and what sets you apart as a contestant. Envision your role as an International Indian Icon and express your goals. Provide engaging tidbits about your city, state, or country to captivate the audience. Upload your video to both your 3iii Dashboard and the provided Google Drive link for consideration.

Journey Video:

Document your journey to Dubai and back in high-definition, landscape-mode videos using your cellphone or camera. Record from the moment you leave home until your return, capturing various aspects of your experience. Feel free to film multiple clips of any duration along the way. These videos will be considered separately from auditions but contribute to the storytelling aspect of the competition. You can upload your journey clips to the designated Google Drive link provided by the 3iii Team at any time. Remember, each audition, whether online, live, or on-site, requires a separate payment. Online auditions will be judged solely on the Audition Video, with other videos considered non-competitive.