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3iii Level-3 Video Guidelines

3iii Instructions and Guidelines for Level-3 Participants to moveforward from Level-3

Gee Vision would like to congratulate you to make directly to Level-3 of 3iii 2017.

From Level-3 onwards, 3iii journey is going to be very tough. Only 1 performance per category per ICON state will make to Level-4 i.e., i.e., State Indian Icon per Category per ICON State moves to Level-4 i.e., INDIAN AMERICAN ICON (IAI) for live performance in front of BappiLahiri and Gee Panel of Judges on Oct 29th 2017 in Boston. 

Some Guidelines to move forward from Level-3 on-wards:

If you are really serious to become ICON of your State, Country and ultimately 1st INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON (3iii) of 21s century, make sure you following guidelines.

  1. Pick an excellent song to perform on, consult with your mentor, parents and friends
  2. Print 3iii Logo (Blue on Black only) in 11”x17” or attached Flyer in 11”x17” or 24”x36” and keep it behind you on the wall so that both are clearly visible in recording. Preferably on top left and right corners. If logo can be placed on video after recording that is good too.
  3. Record your video with music i.e., Live music (Band) or Karaoke Track. No more only voice recording.
  4. If already uploaded Introduction video great otherwise record 30 secs intro before your song recording.
  5. Video could be between 3 mints to 4 mints length approx.
  6. No Voice Over, No Lip Sing, No Previously Recorded Video, No previous Performance Video, No Edits, No Cuts, No Manipulation at all – Straight Live Recording.
    1. Video found violating any of above rules will be the cause of rejection
    2. NO Smule App Recording (Try to avoid smule app recording)
  7. Make sure you have a separate Introduction video submitted as Non-competition video. Do not include your introduction in the competition video. If you have already uploaded a separate Introduction video, great otherwise, please make around 30 secs to 60 secs intro video and upload as Non-comp video. 
  8. Make an Excellent HD Quality Video with proper costume/ dress code and back-ground
    1. Dress Code:

i.Costume suiting to your performance. (Please do not shoot in shots and sleeping pajamas.)

  1. Back-ground

i.Any general location.

  1. if possible with 3iii Logo or 3iii Poster on back
    1. We will send you PDF file of 3iii Logo and 3iii Official Flyer to get it printed on 17”x11” (or Bigger Size 24 x 36) Glossy paper from UPS or FedEx/Kinko. 17x11 will not cost you more than one Dollar. This is NOT Mandatory but recommended to keep the back ground uniform for all videos, if possible.
  2. Please do not shoot in laundry room or kitchen or any place which does not look good. Keep in mind thousands of people will be watching your video and it may come on TV as part of one of episodes.

ii.Professional Video:

  1. If you are getting video professionally made then NP you can use any back ground which looks nice and get 3iii logo added at top left corner. Professional can add logo after the video recording too.

iii.3iii Logo and 3iii Official Flyer you will find attached in e-mail or send an e-mail to info@internationalindianicon.com to get 3iii logo or Flyer.


i.Approximately 30 Secs Intro, if Introduction video not separately already uploaded

  1. About yourself
  2. Your Passion
  3. Why you want to become an ICON?
  4. What you will do after become an ICON?
  5. What are your other passions and what you want to do or becomewhen you grow up?
  6. Any one thing you would like to do in your life to change this world.

ii.Video should be approx. 3 to 4 Minutes – Few seconds here there – does not matter. – Make sure you do not give too much time to music in start, if it is song requirement then it is fine.

iii.Make video interesting that people love to watch and watch again and again.

iv.Upload video on You Tube and then submit YouTube link and make it Competition Video.

v.NO Smule Recording please

  1. Login in to your 3iii Participant Dashboard
    1. Make sure your profile is up to date and you have your picture uploaded in your profile (Very Important)
    2. Upload betweenAug 8th2017 and Aug 22nd2017 (11.59 PM CST)
    3. Make your Video as Competition video by clicking button “Make Competition Video” by Aug 22nd2017
  2. Go to 3iii website www.3iii.us and make sure you can search your video and go to your Individual Page by clicking on your video to watch your video and see your individual information on your individual page.
  3. Start promoting your video to get maximum Likes
    1. Likes are just to make your video and yourself popular. Likes are not part of selection process. Like are to bring your video at top of the list on 3iii website home page.
  4. Voting opens on Aug 23rd 2017 and closes on Sep 6th 2017 (11.59 PM CST)
    1. Try to get as many votes as possible as Voting has 50% weightage
    2. Although performance quality is the most important criteria for 3iii selection but voting matters a lot, if two participants are at same level and one has more votes than other, then of course participant with more votes moves ahead. This has happened a lot in previous 2 levels. So do not ignore voting at all.
  5. Level-3 Result will be declared on Sep 14th 2017
  6. If there is any State Indian Icon being hosted onsite, you will be informed accordingly as soon as possible. In that case you may need to come for live performance in front of judges. BUT so far no State Indian Icon is final for live performance so as of now, all State Indian Icons will be on-line so start working on your video ASAP to keep it ready by Aug 8th 2017 to upload and submit as competition video.
  7. Please do promote 3iii as much as possible on social media as well as in your network as now this is your program your platform – no matter what is the result, who becomes ICON. 3iii will be with you as you are permanent member of 3iii. Be proud of it and promote 3iii to reach to each and every Indian Talent on this earth.
  8. All official communication should be sent to info@internationalindianicon.com or admin@internationalindianicon.com or call 630-352-3847 / 510-551-8505 or Contact 3iii PR Manager Shikpa Rivera at 510-283-1891
  9. Also make sure
    1. you are getting Whatsapp Broadcast message - if not let me know your Cell # and add cell # 510-551-8505 in your Cell Contact List to get Whatsapp 3iii Broadcast messages
    2. Send request to join Facebook Group “3iii Participants Only” using following link


ii.Every participant should join this Group for 3iii latest update and to get all 3iii benefits and features

  1. You are friend of 3iii Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/sharan.walia.940

Otherwise send a Friend Request

  1. Like 3iii Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/3iii.official/
  2. Follow 3iii Twitter - https://twitter.com/3iii10
  3. Follow 3iii Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/3iii_internationalindianicon/
  4. Lastly, 3iii is a platform to showcase your talent. Competition is one way to make it interesting. So please respect each other talent and compete with complete sportsmanship. If you move ahead, awesome otherwise you will get lots of other opportunities on 3iii platform as well as outside too. So never give-up.
  5. For any Business related queries like sponsorship, advertisement, 3iii State/Country Partner, School Partner, Team Membership, Judges, artist for events etc. please write to BDM@3iii.us 

All the best!

Feel free to write or call for any question.

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