Sponsorship 3iii

Gee Vision Inc. is committed to build a unique on-line & on-site global talent platform 3iii which can give opportunity to all type of Indian talent of all talent categroies of all age groups living in any part of the world to keep them close to Indian art and culture.

This is not possible without the support of Global Busniess Community as we need to host on-site events in each city, state and country to give opportunity Indian living across the globe.  

We need your support, we need your Sponsorship.

If you like to associate your brand (logo) with 3iii and would like to support 3iii to support Global Indian Talent Community to host 3iii events global or may be in your city, state and country , please contact

  1. Sharan Walia, Chicago USA  
    1. CEO & President +1 510-551-8505 Sharan@3iii.us  OR waliasharan@hotmail.com
  2. Ajit Bains
    1. India Partner +91 95990 27494 kbains_canada@yahoo.ca
  3. Parseen, Dubai UAE
    1. Sr. Manager +971 50567 0149 3iiiS7@exuberance.ae