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About 3iii (Three Eye)

A Platform for Indian Talent Across the Globe!

INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON (3iii) is a unique on-line/on-site platform where any Talent from any part of the world who likes any Indian music of any language, dancing of any Indian dance format, any Indian instrument or any Indian art and culture OR any Indian from any part of the world having any Talent can participate to showcase his/her talent on this unique global platform to get searched globally by Bollywood, Hollywood, Event Organizers, Producers and Directors who are continuosly looking for global talent of all categories for their projects. 

International Indian Icon (3iii) is envisioned as the world’s 1st on-line/on-site a grand Indian reality show narrative over five seasons culminating at the end of the 5th season. International Indian Icon (3iii) is an initiative of Gee Vision to create an international stage for the talent across the globe. The idea behind this dream is to find stars that are hidden due to the absence of a platform to materialize their aspiration.  3iii has evolved to be a unique platform for the Indian expatriate community to showcase the talents of their children’s who connect with the Indian subcontinent through their passion of singing dancing or any other form of art.

The unique positioning of 3iii has proved to be the main focus of its success: no other platform in India or in the expat community has been designed to showcase talents amongst all forms of talent on a single stage.  Indian Americans, Canadians, Caribbean, European live in that part of the world where the industry of entertainment thrives unlike any around the globe. Our heart takes a beat; the vocal chords hum in an auto mode as we swoon to Bollywood numbers while watching some of the most incredible artists showcase their skills in the TV shows made in India.  Therefore, it is uniquely positioned itself to grow immensely. 3iii 2017 (Season-I) brought together the talents of all ages from all over Canada and the USA. 3iii 2018 (Season-II) included talents from UK and Europe while 3iii 2019 Season-III events are already planned to bring participants from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  No other platform has the ability to showcase inclusivity of the expat community with the subcontinent.

There is an immense pool of such untapped talents amongst the Indian Americans, Canadians, Caribbean, UK, European, South African, New Zealanders and Australian which is ready to throw the towel in the entertainment arena and are itching to find a platform to show their sunny sides. 3iii, because of its one of a kind talent contest, is envisioned as the world’s 1st on-line/on-site grand Indian reality show encompassing a range of talent categories.  It has been planned as a narrative over five seasons culminating at the end of the 5th season.

While 1st season of 3iii was open to Indian Talent across all residents of The United States of America and Canada in either of the three performance categories –Singing, Dance and Instruments (Solo, Duets or Groups), 2nd season was open to all countries of North America, Caribbean and Europe in 7 categories i.e., Singing, Dancing, Instruments, Acting, Pageant, Comedy and I Got Talent (Any talent). 3rd season is open to all countries of Season-I and II plus Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

It is a platform of immense possibilities for Indians around the world to showcase their skills to be evaluated by a team of Gee Panel of judges consisting of highly qualified and celebrated individuals from the field of performing arts as well as celebrity judges in the advanced stages of the competition.  Entire competition of five levels is online and onsite auditions with potential on-site competition of country icons in respective country and Grand Finale into Chicago at end of each year between Sep and December.  The selection process includes public online voting and ratings by the Gee Panel of Judges.

Whether it is singing, dancing, acting, and fashion, comedy and musical instruments or for that matter purely perform to entertain and that is exactly why for the first time in the history of talent competition, a show is being made which migrants will call theirs. Season-III, for all the Indians residing in America, Canada, Caribbean, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa as well as for Rest of the World - this is your calling. We call upon all the singers with enigmatic voices and the passionate instrumentalists and dancers along with actor, fashion icons, comedians and individuals having any talent to become the INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON of their respective talent category.