About 3iii (Three Eye)

The main aim of 3iii, also known as International Indian Icon, is to locate hidden stars and then give them an international platform to showcase their talent to the world. For this purpose, 3iii has been envisioned as the world’s 1st on-line/on-site a grand Indian reality show narrative.

3iii is completely unique in the following ways:

International Indian Icon (3iii) is an initiative of Gee Vision to create an international stage for the talent across the globe. While the 1st season of 3iii was open to Indian Talent across all residents of The United States of America and Canada in either of the three performance categories –Singing, Dance and Instruments (Solo, Duets or Groups), 2nd season was opened to all countries of North America, Caribbean, UK  and Europe in 7 categories, including Singing, Dancing,  Instruments, Acting. Fashion, Comedy, and I Got Talent (Any talent).

Unique aspects of 3iii seasons

Gee's vision is to host 3iii auditions and talent competition in each and every state and country where Indians are living, to give them opportunities to showcase their talents at International level and pursue their dreams with passion.

Bollywood sing-and-dance built into Indians

Our heart takes a beat, the vocal chords hum in an auto mode as we swoon to Bollywood numbers while watching some of the most incredible artists showcase their skills in the TV shows made in India. No other platform has the ability to showcase inclusivity of the expat community with the subcontinent.

Salient features of the competition


3iii 2022 Season-VI Format & Selection Process

3iii 2022 S-6 New Format & Selection Process