About Gee

Gee Vision Inc. is heavily inclined towards promotion of cultural activities. It aims to bring together participants in the field of singing, dance, acting, comedy, fashion, acting, musical instruments and many more other talent categories from different countries on a common global platform.

Through the guise of marketable media products like reality shows, films, single, albums, events and other such properties, Gee aims to create a sprawling, ever-expanding document of socio-cultural sensibilities and diversities that continue to exist in a fast globalizing world. Through the dense narratives of evolving performing art forms, Gee contributes towards the common human goals of universal peace, perfection, excellence and competence through art.

How did Gee come up with 3iii?

After the huge success of Chicago Indian Icon 2013 with Shekhar Suman (Bollywood Star) and Ronu Majumdar (Grammy Awards Nominee) and after airing 13 episodes on TV Asia in North America, 3iii Concept Creator Sharan Walia decided to build a unique on-line/On-site platform for Indian Talent across the Globe where talent of all categories living in any corner of the world can showcase their talent to achieve their dreams, and thus was born 3iii (Three Eye).

International Indian Icon (3iii), the initiative by Gee Vision Inc., has emerged as a platform to express Indian singing, art, dance forms and musical instruments design through the social medium of an online reality show, using cutting edge technology to reach out to global audiences that embrace Indian Culture.  

This is, by far, the grandest voyage Gee has embarked upon as yet.