About Gee


Gee Vision Inc., spearheaded by Sharan Walia, is the driving force behind the global promotion and hosting of International Indian Icon (3iii). As the concept designer of 3iii and the founder of Gee Vision Inc. and Gee Vision India, Sharan Walia has invested not only his resources but also seven years of unwavering dedication to shaping the vision of 3iii.

Sharan Walia's commitment to the growth and success of 3iii is evident in the substantial efforts and financial contributions he has made to cultivate and refine the concept. Recognizing the tremendous potential of 3iii, Sharan Walia has set his sights on elevating the platform to new heights.

Gee, under Sharan Walia's leadership, is poised to propel 3iii into its next phase of evolution. With a keen understanding of the entertainment industry and a passion for showcasing emerging talent, Gee is committed to ensuring that 3iii becomes a globally recognized platform for aspiring artists. The dedication and investment poured into 3iii over the years demonstrate Gee's unwavering belief in the transformative power of this initiative, with a vision to create a lasting impact on the international stage for Indian talent.

As we embark on this exciting journey, Gee's commitment to taking 3iii to the next level is a testament to the passion and foresight driving this endeavor. Together, we anticipate a future where 3iii continues to thrive, providing a stage for talented individuals to shine on a global scale.