3iii Competition Levels

The 3iii competition is the talent hunt for the overseas Indian culture’s learning, which you might have achieved with years of practice or you are living in some country and your roots are of India. The competition gives a platform to those individuals, who have the zest to showcase their Indian talent to the world.

Events & 3iii Levels

Registrations (Level-1)

3iii registrations of each season open globally on 3iii website www.3iii.us and 3iii app on Apr 1st and close on July 31st. All are registered at level-1 as 3iii Talent. Anyone from any part of the world who likes any Indian talent is welcome to take part in 3iii global talent competition and showcase his/her talent to the world through 3iii platform.

Auditions (Level-2)

Level-2 is the Audition level, and all participants who are to audition will be moved to Level-2 of the 3iii competition. To take part in 3iii competition, one needs to schedule at least one 3iii Audition to become a 3iii participant, called as a 3ion, by paying 3iii audition / competition fees. One can participate in 3 type of auditions i.e., online, online LIVE, and on-site, and even audition for different talent categories.

Quarter-finals (Level-3)

These are Level-3 events, i.e., State Indian Icon e.g., California Indian Icon, Toronto Indian Icon etc. Qualified participants from level-1 & level-2 are moved to Level-3. State Indian Icons are hosted only in selected countries like USA, Canada and India where Indian population is significant.

Semi-finals (Level-4)

Level-4 events are the ones to select the Indian Country Icon, which includes the Indian American Icon, Indian Canadian Icon, British Indian Icon, Indian Australian Icon, and more.

Community Icons

Gee included the following  community Icon as 3iii semi-finals to encourage artists of their languages, dance, fashion and talent to come and compete at the International level:

Depending on the number of interested communities, Gee may add more community or language based competitions.

Finale (Level-5)

Winners, 1st and 2nd Runner-ups of all categories and some judges choices from all country icons i.e., 3iii Semi-finals Level-4 i.e., finalists move to finale i.e., Level-5 where they compete with qualified participants from other countries for prestigious title of INTERNATIOANL INDIAN ICON of their category.  

The shortlisted top 3 to 6 of each category move to Grand-finale as Grand-finalists.  Finalists are judged during Finale production while winners, 1st & 2nd runner-ups and judge choices are declared during Grand-finale.

3iii 2021 Season-V Episode Production (Finale & Grand-Finale):

  1. Venue: To be declared by end of July or Aug
  2. Dates:
    1. Finale: From Dec 25th to 28th
    2. 3iii Fashion ICON: Dec 29th
    3. 3iii Grand-finale: Dec 30th