3iii Competition Levels 

There are 5 competition levels that participants need to surpass at International Indian Icon 2023. 

Level-1: Registration  

Register for free on either 3iii website or 3iii app 

www.3iii.us & www.INTERNATIONALindianICON.com


3iii App

Search for 3iii INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON on App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)


Level-2: Auditions


Online  (Video Upload) 

  1. Upload your video(s) by registering and then logging into 3iii website. After this, you can schedule an audition by selecting online-audition and paying the audition fees. 
  2. Please note that only paid auditions are scheduled for assessment by our prestigious jury.  
  3. Online audition dates are  - May 1st to Aug 31st 

Online (Live on Zoom) 

  1. Participants interested in auditioning through this format will have to pick one of the scheduled live audition dates. 
  2. The schedule for International Indian Icon Season 7 will be declared soon. Stay tuned for more updates! 


  1. On-site auditions are scheduled in selected States and Countries 
  2. Participants interested in this format can schedule the audition by paying ‘audition fees’ as only paid auditions are scheduled. 
  3.  The schedule for International Indian Icon Season 7 can be checked in 3iii 2023 S-7 calendar.

Level-3: State / Zone Indian Icon (Quarter-final)

  1. State and Zone Indian Icons are scheduled in selected states or zones 
  2. Qualified participants are invited for 3iii Semi-final i.e. Country Icon or 3iii Episode Production 

Level-4: Country Icon (Semi-final)

  1. Qualified  participants from state & zone competition are invited for the country-level competition.
  2. Shortlisted participants from all 5 auditions from India will be invited for 3iii Indian Icon 2023 
  3. 3iii Indian Icon 2023 to be held at Hyatt Regency Gurgaon (NCR Delhi) on Sep 23rd & 24th 2023
  4. Winners of 3iii India will be invited to 3iii Episode Production 
  5. Qualified participants from global auditions are invited to 3iii Episode Production 

3iii Episode Production includes 

3iii semi-finals i.e., Country Icons 

- 3iii India 2023 (Semi-final: Indian Icon 2023) 

Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon / Delhi NCR: From Sep 23rd to 24th 2023

- Global Semi-finals  

Dec 25th & 26th 2023 in DUBAI

- Finale & Fashion Icon

  Winners of all Country Icon along with 1st and 2nd runners-up and judges choices move to the finale in DUBAI (Dec 27th 2023).

- ​Grand-finale: Dec 28th 2023

​ Top 3 to 6 participants of each category and age-group will be invited on stage to declare winners, 1st/2nd runner-ups and judges choices.

Level 5: Grand-finale (to be held onsite)

  1. Grand-finale is where International Indian Icons across categories and age groups are declared and awarded 
  2. 3iii 2023 Season-7 Episode Production to be held in DUBAI from Dec 25th to 28th 2023
  3. Global SEMI-FINALS: Dec 25th & 26th 2023
  4. FINALE: Dec 27th 2023
  5. Winners are moved to Grand-finale 
  6. 3iii FASHION ICON 2023 : Dec 27th 2022
  7. GRAND-FINALE: Dec 28th 2022