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Competition Levels


Here is a lowdown of what happens when you go through the first step.

Entire competition will be conducted in 5 levels:
-Level-1: On-line Registration (90 performances per icon state are moved to Level-2)
-Level-2: On-line Audition (27 performances per icon state are moved to Level-3)
-Level-3: State Indian Icon (3 performances (Winners) per icon state are moved to Level-4)
-Level-4: Indian American/Canadian Icon (9 performances (Winners, 1st and 2nd runner-ups are moved to Level-5)
-Level-5: Indian American and Indian Canadian Icons along with 1st and 2nd runner-ups compete for ultimate title of International Indian Icon (3iii) in their respective category.

-Note: At each level
oParticipant submits his/her new competition video
oPromote his/her video over social media to get maximum likes before online voting and judgements starts to bring his/her video at top of the list
oDuring judgement period participants submit their competition videosusing social media to get maximum votes to improve their chances of moving to the next level
oResult at each level is declared and qualified performances are moved to next level to compete

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