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Competition Levels

The 3iii competition is the talent hunt for the overseas Indian culture’s learning, which you might have achieved with years of practice or you are living in some country and your roots are of India. The competition gives a platform to those individuals, who have the zest to showcase their Indian talent to the world.

3iii Levels

  1. Level-1 (Registration & Audition)
    1. All the participants have to register at Level-1
    2. Registration
      1. Opens: Apr 1st, 2020
      2. Closes: Aug 31st 2020
    3. Selection Process
      1. Voting
        1. Closes Sep 9th 2020
        2. Popularity based promotion
          1. Participant getting 500 votes are immediately moved to Level-3  
      2. Judgment of videos not getting 500 votes  
        1. From July 1st 2020 to Sep 9th 2020
      3. Result
        1. Sep 10th 2020
    4. Gee Panel Judgment
      1. Participants who either failed to gather enough votes or did not opt for the voting option, will get their competition videos evaluated by the Gee Panel of Judges and all the qualified candidates will be promoted to Level-3
      2. 3ions/Participants who deserve another chance will be promoted to Level-2 and they are required to upload a new video for re-evaluation
      3. 3ions/Participants who are not qualified for Level-2 or Level-3 will be eliminated in Level-1 and participants are notified through e-mail.
  2. Level-2 (Re-evaluation)
    1. Submit Video
      1. Participants moved to Level-2 are required to submit a new competition video for re-evaluation
        1. Submit competition video by EOD Aug 10th 2020
        2. No voting at Level-2
        3. Gee Judgment
          1. Competition videos are judged by Aug 15th 2020
          2. Aug 17th 2020: Qualified participants are moved to Level-3
          3. Participants not meeting the criteria are rejected
  3. Level-3: Skipped this year for 3iii 2020 Season-IV
  4. Level-4 (Semi-Finals – Country ICON)
    1. Submit Video by EOD Sep 30th 2020
    2. Voting/Popularity Basis
      1. Closes Oct 18th 2020
      2. Popularity based promotion
        1. Participant getting 1000 votes are immediately moved to Level-5  
    3. Participants not getting 1000 votes will be judged by Gee Panel of judges & 3iii International Jury 
      1. Participants at Level-4 will be judged between Oct 20th to Oct 31st 2020
    4. Result: Nov 2nd 2020 
  5. Level-5 (Grand-Finale)
    1. On-line (Because of current situation, event is currently planned on-line)
      1. Submit competition video by: Nov 30th 2020
      2. Voting
        1. Closes Nov From Dec 1st to Dec 20th 2020
        2. Popularity based promotion
          1. Participant getting 1500 votes are immediately moved to Top-6
      3. Judgment of videos not getting 1500 votes  
        1. From Dec 25th to Dec 29th 2020
      4. Result: Dec 30th 2020
        1. International Indian Icons result is declared   
  6. If on-site/On-line LIVE (Situation will be evaluated in Oct to decide about on-site Grand-finale)
    1. Winners, 1st & 2nd Runner-ups and judges choices are invited for 3iii 2020 Season-IV episode production & Grand-finale
    2. Participants not able to attend on-site event will be able to participate on-line but the opportunity will be passed to the next participant in line
    3. All the expenses and responsibilities of travelling, Lodging and Boarding will be borne by the participant.
    4. Tentative Dates: Between Dec 25th to 30th 2020