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Sharan and Bappi

Sharan Walia with SAREGAMAPA Judge & Bollywood Legendary Music Director Bappi Lahiri


Sharan Walia has over 20 years of IT management experience and 3 years of successful entertainment planning and management. He is passionate about doing creative works in the field of entertainment and has been working round the clock on multiple entertainment projects. Chicago Indian Icon (CII) 2013 is one of his successful projects. CII 2013 was very successful in Chicago metro area and left its impression all across North America. Being a core team member of Genius, Sharan has multiple responsibilities like concept design, planning, management, website functionalities, competition processes etc. He works very closely with the entire Genius  team to plan on multiple reality shows like International Indian Icon (3iii). He has the key responsibility of expanding Genius network by building cordial and professional relationship with 3iii associates. Sharan is a Computer Engineer by profession with 3 master degrees i.e., MBA, MCA and M.Sc. with PMP certification.

Sharan Walia: 510-551-8505
CEO, Gee Vision Inc.

Murad Sarfani with Indian Idol Judge and Bollywood legendary music composer Salim Merchant (Salim-Sulaiman)

Salim Sulaiman lady gaga Born this way/Bollywood Remix

FiFa World cup anthem - Salim Sulaiman

Indian Idol Judge


Murad Sarfani is an ismaili Muslim was born in India. He is a cancer survivor got addicted to tobacco chewing, not realizing where this will lead him in the future. Almighty had planned something bigger than he could have ever imagined. To everyone’s surprise and against all odds with his strong will power Murad has survived a last stage cancer and is on the path to complete recovery. Now he says “I Am Alive For A Reason” with a completely changed person filled with hope aspirations and mission: To bring awareness and  “say NO to tobacco and YES to life.” As we all witness everyday Substance abuse and addiction is at its all time peak. And we are loosing uncountable precious lives to this dreadful addiction. According to the Research majority of the youths get addicted to smoking in middle school like Murad, so he started reaching out to youths with his real life story, fortunately the impact was amazing and his mission turned into his passion. He has put innumerable hours in reaching out nationally & internationally conducting several live reality sessions covering into various communities to bring awareness the dangers of using tobacco. It’s just heart warming to see more than 10000 people from ages from 14 to 79 confess with a promise “say NO to tobacco and YES to life.” His passion became contagious , Murad has also been a Gold medalist in 5K marathon and a sky diver.

Murad have also partnered with legendary sufi mystic singers, Indian Idol judge and music directors from Bollywood India Salim Sulaiman to Won all the awards in the Bollywood industry and also has worked with International singers, sang in the World Cup FIFA the Anthem is the song “Africa.. You’re a star.” Murad is proud to present and promote Legends Salim Sulaiman concerts into USA into Dallas,Chicago,Memphis and Austin and fortunate to donate the proceeds to the Agakhan Museum & Park Toronto Canada. “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” 

Having passionate about entertainment and music,after the successful promoting of legends Salim Sulaiman,talented musicians and indian idols into three states in USA ,Murad always been wish to create wide platform and help promote those talented singers,musicians to help them achieve their goal and make this world a better place filled up with more talent , since talent is always conscious of its own abundance,and does not object to sharing.

Murad Sarfani: 210-639-3960
COO, Gee Vision Inc.


RK Nallam, CPO (Chief Production/Product Officer) at Gee Vision. A thought leader, solutions management expert, software coach, IOT and digital transformation strategist with 21+ years of information technology experience that stands testimony to his aptness and alacrity. He has successfully been at the helm of many international software projects and lead multi - shore delivery teams across the globe for financial, automotive and airline domains.

He played the key role as a strategist, influencer, optimizer and improved the team’s productivity, quality providing solutions for interim and external products. RK has been instrumental in digitising complex software solutions. His leadership and presence has inspired his team members in delivering positive results. In addition to this, he is a zealous film maker. A passion for the celluloid from his younger days has always kept him in touch with the reel world and has been actively engaged in film distribution and exhibition.

His creative skills can be gauged in the digital content platform brand “Klapboard” that showcases short feature films, interviews of film personalities and music album productions. He produces entertaining, engaging, important, informative and sharable high quality digital content. Understands the pulse of the viewers very well which stands to show the immense popularity and high appreciation some of his mini feature films like “Thank you Mithrama” and “Parichayam” have gained.

He is very persuasive, passionate about work and always goes by the motto “Make it work, Make it right, Make it fast and Make it simple.”

RK Nallam: 512-775-4199
CPO, Gee Vision Inc.

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