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Sharan and Bappi

Sharan Walia with SAREGAMAPA Judge & Bollywood Legendary Music Director Bappi Lahiri


Sharan Walia has over 20 years of IT management experience and 3 years of successful entertainment planning and management. He is passionate about doing creative works in the field of entertainment and has been working round the clock on multiple entertainment projects. Chicago Indian Icon (CII) 2013 is one of his successful projects. CII 2013 was very successful in Chicago metro area and left its impression all across North America. Being a core team member of Gee, Sharan has multiple responsibilities like concept design, planning, management, website functionalities, competition processes etc. He works very closely with the entire Gee  team to plan on multiple reality shows like International Indian Icon (3iii). He has the key responsibility of expanding Genius network by building cordial and professional relationship with 3iii associates. Sharan is a Computer Engineer by profession with 3 master degrees i.e., MBA, MCA and M.Sc. with PMP certification.

Sharan Walia: 510-551-8505
Gee Vision Inc.

Shilpa Rivera

Shilpa Rivera
3iii PR Manager;

Shilpa Rivera

Shilpa Rivera, born in Mumbai was raised in Ahmedabad. She is definitely a people person, they bring out the Best in her. She LOVES helping and this is why she has been working in Healthcare industry for many years. Her other biggest passion is singing. She loves music and records her song with a simple sound system in her living room and post them on Facebook. She has many followers who adores her and loves her immensely.

The former Prime minister, Indira Gandhi met her personally to honor her. During her school year, she acted in a Gujarati movie, “Santu Rangeeli” with Asrani and Aruna Irani.

She sang in few fund raisers as well. She has decided that they money she earns from her singing will go to separate a/c so that one day she can go to Africa and feed those kids.

With keeping her final Goal in her mind, appeared as a Guest star in a Hollywood movie,” Doctor by Heart” in 2016.

She believes in “Team work”. She went to LA to show her support to the participants one day because she thought it was important, indirectly she wound up promoting 3iii. The People fell in love with her positive and loving attitude that she became the official promoter of the 3iii show. Due to her contacts in Bollywood industry, she brought in some celebrities to join the show. Whenever she takes on any project, she likes to give her 110%. Now that she is a part of the 3iii show she is really dedicated to make this show a great success.

Due to her Loyalty and Dedication she was offered to become Public Relation manager of the 3iii. She is really dedicated as a PR manager. She is VERY confident that because of her dedication and contribution, she will make this show a great success because it is all about helping people. She wants the artists to come out and be presented in front of the world! She is definitely enjoying the new journey of her life. She thinks God has given each and every one of us different talents and skills that we can use for the benefits of the society so that we can make this world a better place to be!

Shilpa Rivera:510-283-1891
3iii PR Manager, Gee Vision Inc.

Naresh Shastri

Naresh Shastri
CAO (Chief Architect Officer)

Naresh Shastri

Naresh Shastri is a qualified and experienced IT Professional with an experience of 10 years in IT industry. He is very passionate about bringing the latest technology to 3iii platform to provide best functionalities to all 3iii users to make their online experience joyful. Naresh is working with his multi-talented, multi-cultural international IT team to build unique 3iii website and 3iii apps for all devices to make sure that all users can use 3iii any time anywhere to enjoy 3iii talent. Soon 3iii is going on cloud to make sure that Global 3iii users do not face any performance or any other type of issue and are able to use all 3iii functionalities seamlessly and can watch excellent 3ion talent without any hindrance. Naresh contribution is unique in the field of technology for 3iii. Gee Vision is proud to have him as Gee CAO.

Razia M. Siddiqi

Razia M. Siddiqi
Executive Editor;

Razia M. Siddiqi

Einstein said "The only source of knowledge is experience" is so true for me. Experience doesn't have any substitute. I believe that your experience makes your personality.

I had conceived and work hard on this idea since early 2012. No doubt it is a huge dream I ever seen. My constant thinking would not have fruitful if my family, friends, husband and my son didn't trust on me. They do that's why my dream became reality.

Boston has served me as same love and affection which I left behind. It's a unique place for those who are interested living within the educational and historical atmosphere. Learning about new culture, food, new neighbors from different countries is a pleasure of my life. Before going out of the nest I need to learn many things. It takes time, but I did it. The journey has begun. IT'S A JOURNEY OF LOVE, FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT and FESTIVALS.

How much I love Boston? Just after couple of years I moved from India to Boston. I changed my nick name too. I like when people calling me 'Razia Boston'. Thus, the name of my channel should not be other than "Boston Desi Connection (BDC-TV)"

Please join hands to serve the best possible cultural diversity and its understanding to our community, especially to our kids and youths. So, our kids grow with the healthy and same community, we grew up.

Razia M. Siddiqi:781-560-8123
Founder/MD & Program Director of BDC TV
(M.Phil/B.Ed from Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh (UP) India)
Writer Director of these stage show
1. "IkLadkiBheegiBhagi Si" (Musical journey (Life & Film) of yesteryear actor 'Madhubala'
2. "ChalteChalte" (Musical journey (Life & Film) of yesteryear actor 'Meena Kumari')
3. "Tamseeli Mushaira" (Based of Urdu poets)
Basically she's a story writer (In Urdu)
Currently she is producing multiple shows for her channel. Hosting two "Roo-Ba-Roo" (Face to Face) and "Daily Bite" (Live talk).

Razia M. Siddiqi:781-560-8123
Media Director, Gee Vision Inc.

Naveen Karna

Naveen Karna

Naveen Karna

Naveen Karna by Profession an IT Engineer from South India has passion on building something different in IT world. He is supporting 3iii by helping building processes for 3iii and advising 3iii team to adopt processes for each and every activity. He is very much process oriented and his guidance is helping 3iii to keep processes updated and make sure that all country and state partners follow the same processes for all 3iii activities whether at City, State, Country or International level. His guidance is helping Gee Vision to keep all 3iii processes and activities uniform all across the globe. Naveen Karna is a huge asset for Gee Vision and with his support is helping 3iii to keep its documents, processes and presentation up to date. Gee Vision really appreciate his dedication towards 3iii.

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