3iii Competition

Objective of 3iii 2022 Season-VI

Select & invite 200+ top qualified participants of all talent categories across all age groups from all over the World for 3iii Episode Production (Semi-final, Finale, Grand-finale) in Chicago, USA from Nov 24th to 27th 2022

Registration (Level-1)

  1. Register for FREE @
    1. www.3iii.us
    2. www.INTERNATIONALindianICON.com
    3. 3iii Apps
      1. Search for 3iii INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON on
        1. App Store (iOS)
        2. Google Play (Android)

Auditions (Level-2)

  1. On-line
    1. From Apr 1st to Jun 20th 2022
    2. Register, Login, upload your video and go to "Schedule Audition" by selecting on-line Audition and Pick uploaded video of audition category/sub-category and pay audition fees
      1. Only paid auditions are scheduled
  2. On-line LIVE (Zoom)
    1. Developed Countries: (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, South America)
      1. Singing:
        1. Aug 20th 2022:  9 am to 2 pm Chicago Time 
      2. Dancing, Fashion & I Got Talent:
        1. Aug 27th 2022:  9 am to 2 pm Chicago Time
    2. Developing & Under Developed Countries (India, Asia, Africa, South Africa)   
      1. Singing:
        1. Aug 6th 2022:  9 am to 2 pm Chicago Time 
      2. Dancing, Fashion & I Got Talent:
        1. Aug 13th 2022:  9 am to 2 pm Chicago Time
  3. On-site
    1. On-site auditions are scheduled only in selected States and Countries  
    2. If scheduled, it will be listed and when you schedule on-site audition after registration, you will be able to pick one to schedule your on-site audition.
    3. If you don't see any, please schedule on-line or on-line LIVE Audition
  4. On-line LIVE (Zoom)

    1. Semi-finals, Finale (Level-4: 3iii Episode Production)
      1. Out of 3 types of global auditions (On-line, On-line LIVE (Zoom) and on-site, qualified participants will be invited to Chicago, USA for on-site 3iii Episode Production in Chicago, USA.
        1. Anyone who cannot come to Chicago, USA for any reason (Visa, financial situation etc.) will be taking part in on-line LIVE (Zoom) / virtual 3iii episode Production
          1. On-line Semi-final: Nov 12th 2022
          2. On-line Finale: Nov 13th 2022
          3. On-site Grand-finale through Zoom: Nov 27th 2022
        2. Grand-finale on Nov 27th 2022
          1. All participants will be able to watch 3iii Grand-finale on-line LIVE through Zoom
          2. Winners, 1st/2nd Runner-ups & Judges Choice will be able to receive awards virtually, if get selected for any award. Trophy/Medal will be shipped later within 2 to 3 weeks on the registered participant address.

Grand-finale (Level-5) On-site

  1. Chicago, USA
    1. From Nov 24th to Nov 27th 2022
      1. Nov 24th: Semi-final
      2. Nov 25th: Finale
      3. Nov 26th: 3iii Fashion Icon 2022
      4. Nov 27th: Grand-finale

STATE INDIAN ICON (Level-3: Quarter-final) 

Depending on the number of participants of any category from any state of any country, or confirmation of State Partner of the State, 3iii quarter-final (State Indian Icon) will be hosted on-site or on-line LIVE through Zoom and winners will be invited to Chicago, USA, otherwise participants will be shortlisted on the basis of on-line audition and/or on-line LIVE audition and qualified participants will be invited to Chicago, USA for semi-final, finale and grand-finale (episode production)