3iii Competition Levels 

Welcome to the thrilling journey of 3iii International Indian Icon, where talent meets opportunity at every step! Get ready to showcase your skills and shine on a global stage like never before. Here's a glimpse of the electrifying competition levels awaiting you:

Level-1: Registration
Embark on your quest for stardom by registering for free on our user-friendly 3iii website or app. It's your first step towards unlocking a world of possibilities!

Level-2: Auditions
Dive into the spotlight with our diverse audition formats tailored to suit your preferences:
-Online (Video Upload): Showcase your talent with a video upload, followed by scheduling your audition at your convenience.
-Online (Live on Zoom): Feel the excitement of a live audition experience, choose from our scheduled dates, and give it your all!
-Onsite: For those craving the adrenaline rush of a live audition, join us at selected locations by scheduling your slot and paying the onsite audition fees.

Level-3: State/Zone Indian Icon (Quarter-final)
Elevate your journey as you compete at the State/Zone level, paving your way to the prestigious 3iii Semi-final or Episode Production. It's your chance to shine bright among the best!

Level-4: Country Icon (Semi-final)
Gear up for the ultimate showdown as you face off against the finest talents from your country! Qualified participants will vie for the coveted title of 3iii Indian Icon, with the winners earning a ticket to the grand stage of 3iii Episode Production in the USA.

Level-5: Grand-finale
Witness the magic unfold as International Indian Icons from every category and age group converge for the grand finale in the USA. It's the moment of glory where dreams transform into reality, and champions are crowned amidst a spectacular celebration of talent and creativity.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of passion, talent, and excellence. Your destiny awaits at 3iii International Indian Icon - where stars are born!