Judge's Expectations

The time you will enroll as a part of 3iii team as a participant, your rating process will start, this is a platform for feedbacks which gives you with scope of improvement as we are in a process to choose the best talent among you. Candidates will be rated on the basis of the audition video that will be uploaded by you, the video should be of high resolution with clarity as the overall video quality will affect the judgement. The panel of judges will constitute celebrities, professionals who will be the part of the GEE panel. The rating criteria will be different for the various categories:

For the Solo Categories:

For Solo Singing

The vocal ability will be focused as the melody, rhythm, key notes and the ability to hold high and low notes which will affected by the smooth start and end of song, clarity of words, emotions while performance and the way of presentation will serve as a major rating point. The singing performance will be affected by your body movements, emotions, confidence, focus, interaction and entertainment of the audience.

For Solo Dancing

Dance is always affected by how well you do and what you do, your footwork, balance of body, turns, spins, movement of hands and arms. Timing on beats both fast and slow beats in steps will make your performance more lively for the judges.

Content of the dance i.e. the choreography, interpretation with music or the theme that you are displaying, can gain the attention of judges as well of audience. This will also include your presentation, confidence, adaptability with steps you perform and mainly the facial expression and naturalism.

For Solo Instruments

This category will mainly based on the theme of performance, which will include creativity, showmanship, techniques, choreography, execution, timing, words and message delivery, expressions with a core of entertainment and presentation to judges and audience.

For the Duet and Group Categories

The rating points will be same as above mentioned for all the categories, with a special focus on synchronization and coordination of the team, partners should perform as a team and person should not do "out singing" , "out dancing" , or should not disturb the flow of performance as in a group it will be an action and reaction performances for a better presentation and one single mistake can break the coordination which may lead to negative marking for the whole group.

You performance will not only be judged by experts of your talent and judges of international standards, and highprofile celebrities and dignitaries but also be voted by your friends, family, mentors as well as critics thus make sure that there is no manipulation in your video and is of HD quality and is videographed in one short.