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Anyone from any part of the world having any Indian Talent (or having any connection with India) and any Indian having any Talent can participate.


And step one is quite simple. Simply hit register and sign up. On paying the registration fee, you become proud 3ion/participant to showcase your talent at international level and to compete for word’s most prestigious title of International Indian Icon (3iii) in your talent category. This all happens on 3iii website where all 3ions upload their video at each level and make uploaded video as competition video. Each participant has his own 3iii Dashboard. This dashboard will also enable you to manage your profile, and allow you to manage your video and pictures. Moreover, you can request any one to evaluate your video and many more 3iii features for ever as once you become 3ion you are 3iii member forever only you need to pay annual registration fees if you want to take part in competition.

  • 3iii 2019 Season-III of International Indian Icon is open to residents of North America, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealnd and South Africa.
  • But if any Indian talent from any part of the world likes to showcase his/her talent and like to take part in competition, he/she can register in "Rest of the World" to become INDIAN ICON - Rest of the World and move to level-5 to compete for INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON (3iii).