Privacy Policy



Gee Vision Inc. (referred to as "the Company") is deeply committed to providing a secure environment for users to interact with our website. We prioritize safeguarding your privacy and handle any personal information with utmost care and respect. This Privacy Policy outlines our practices regarding the collection, use, and protection of personal information.

User Guidelines

We encourage all website visitors ("Users") to maximize their experience on our site while ensuring the protection of their private and personal information.


This Privacy Policy governs the use of information received by the Company from Visitors and is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use, available at

Protection of Personal Information

1. Avoid Sharing Personal Information with Unknown Sources: Users should refrain from disclosing personal information to unfamiliar individuals. Minors should consult with their parents or guardians before sharing any personal details online.

2. Information Collection
   - We strive to minimize the collection of user information to non-personally identifiable data, such as first name, age, birthday, gender, and city or town. This information enables participation in activities without unnecessary data disclosure.
   - Any personally identifiable information collected, such as email addresses or telephone numbers, is limited to what is reasonably necessary for specific purposes. We ensure transparency regarding the reasons for collecting such information and its intended use.


Personal information is primarily collected through the registration process. Users are required to provide details like full name, email address, zip code, and birthday to participate in registered member activities. For users below 18 years of age, parental or guardian permission is mandatory.


We offer Users the opportunity to participate in online competitions, which may require the collection of personal information like name, address, and telephone number. This information is solely used for competition administration and prize fulfillment, with strict adherence to privacy standards.

Blogs and Message Boards

User-generated content, including personal information, may be publicly displayed on the website or associated platforms. Users are advised to exercise caution when sharing information in public forums.


Users can provide feedback via email, with personal information collected only if a response is requested. This information is used solely for providing feedback and is periodically deleted from our systems.


We have implemented necessary measures to ensure the security of collected personal information, including physical and electronic safeguards. We also encourage parents to monitor their children's internet activities and utilize available software tools for added security.

Amendment to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy periodically. Material changes will be communicated through email or prominently posted on the website. Users are responsible for keeping their information up-to-date.