Registration & FEES

  1. Registration & Competition FEES
    1. Pre-registration
      1. Any one from any part of the word can pre-register for INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON - 3iii 2019 Season-III at any time on
      2. As soon as registration opens, you will be informed to complete your registration
    2. TALENT: FREE Registration
      1. Any one from any part of the word can register for INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON - 3iii 2019 Season-III in one of the Country Icons of their region 
      2. Talent can upload video to showcase their talent to the world. Talent’s video will be available to search on-line under Search Talent BUT Talent will not be able to take part in 3iii competition without paying competition fees.
    3. Competition FEES
      1. Onetime Competition FEES of $100/- per Participant is must for participants to take part in 3iii Competition.
      2. Competition Fees is Non-refundable and is valid for the Competition Year only
      3. You can upload video in your 3iii Dashboard but cannot make it Competition Video without paying Competition Fees.
      4. Competition Fees for each Country is charged in its currency equal to 100 USD. Approximate local Currency Competition will be displayed but it may not be 100% exact.
    4. Three Payment Gateways
      1. Authorize.Net
      2. PayPal
      3. Sulekha (Only for USA & Canada)
    5. Payment Gateway Fees of 3% to 6% will be charged in addition to Competition Fees depending on Gateway you pick to pay Competition Fees.
  2. 3ion / Participant
    1. To take part in 3iii Competition, one has to pay onetime annual competition fees of $100/- 
    2. Talent becomes 3ion/Participant after paying competition fees.