Audition FEES

Audition Fees

Important facts about Registration & Audition Fees

Registration is FREE  .

Anyone of any talent category from any part of the world can register and upload his/her video for FREE 

  • 3iii websites:
  • 3iii App
    • Download from App Store and Google Play
    • Search by 3iii or International Indian Icon  

One Time Annual Audition Fees:

  • Online Audition (Video Upload)
    • Basic Online Audition Fees (Upload Video)
      • Developed Countries : $100/- per Audition 
      •  Developing & 3rd World Countries: $14/- (Approx Rs 1000/-) per Audition
  • Online LIVE Audition (ZOOM)
    • Developed Countries : $150/- per Audition 
    • Developing CountriesL $20/- per Audition 
  • Onsite 
    • Developed Countries : $150/- per Audition 
    • Developing CountriesL $20/- per Audition 


  • There is no any additional fees if you move forward in competition 
  • Anyone can schedule any number of auditions but need to pay audition Fees
  • Audition Fees is non-refundable  
  • 3iii Production Confirmation Package 
    • Winners, Qualified Participants coming to Chicago, USA for 3iii Episode Production will need to Confirm their coming by buying one of the 3iii Production Confirmation Packages 
    • Confirmation Package is must to buy for every participant coming to Chicago within 7 days of 3iii invitation for Chicago to confirm their coming otherwise opportunity will be passed to next one in line.
    • Confirmation Packages will include Hotel, food, local transportation, Video Package, Mentoring, 3iii event Tickets etc.
    • Participant will be able to choose one of the Confirmation Packages as per their convenience 
    • Confimration Package is non-refundable but due to any reason (like COVID or any unforseen circustances) if production does not happen on-site, production will be planned on-line LIVE through Zoom and after deducting $100/- for on-line LIVE Zoom production, rest of the amount paid for confirmation package will be refunded. 

How to make payment?

You can pay through one of the following payment gateways:

     * Authorize.Net

     * PayPal

      * Cashfree Gateway for INDIA 

A Payment Gateway Fee of 3% - 6% will be charged in addition to the Competition Fee, depending on the gateway you pick.

  1. What happens after payment of Audition Fees?
    1. You become a 3ion/participant to take part in 3iii competition and audition is scheduled

NOTE & Disclaimer:

If planned on-site 3iii episode production is cancelled due to COVID or any reason, the event will be hosted on-line LIVE through Zoom and entire episode production wil be hosted on-line LIVE through Zoom. 3iii Production Confirmation Package  fees will be refunded after deducting $100/-- as on-line LIVE Production fees.