Judgment Criteria

Judgment Criteria 


Considering the rating system, our judges will pay attention to the overall vocal abilities of the participants with emphasis on melody, rhythm, key notes and the ability to hold high and low notes over the course of singing. The singing performance will be also judged basis bodily movements, confidence, focus, and the display of a range of emotions. Having an X factor in your overall presentation and the ability to entertain audiences will attract extra points. 

Solo Dancing:  

Dancing will be scrutinized basis footwork, body-balance, turns, spins, movement of hands and arms. Good timing on beats, both slow and fast, will surely accentuate a participant’s performance in the eyes of our judges. Good choreography, display of confidence, good posture, synchronization with music, presentation, and facial expression will be heavily scrutinized too by our judges. 


 Judgment under this category will be primarily based on the theme of the performance including display of creativity, showmanship, timing, message delivery, expressions, and poise. Entertaining both judges and the audiences should be at the core of the performance. 


Acting performance will be judged on the basis of participants’ facial reactions, expressions, speech and the quality to connect with the audience emotionally. 

Secondary criteria include the participants’ comfort level on the stage, and the quality to utilize the entire stage instead of limiting themselves to a single space. The participants need to make sure they memorize the dialogues for their performance since no cheat sheets will be permitted. Other parameters for judging acting would be command-over-language and diction, voice modulation, voice pitch and body language.


For 3iii Fashion Icon, we are looking for participants with both looks and brains. Looks criteria will include choice of dress and its alignment with the participant’s skin tone, perfection with respect to teeth and smile, appropriate shoes, the right earrings, and a perfect hairdo. Even nails should be neat and manicured. 

Our criteria also include emphasis on natural beauty, poise, confidence, stage presence, and personality. Contestants will also be judged basis their presentation skills as well as how good they are with modeling and cat-walking. Contestants will be shortlisted after the talent round and the shortlisted ones will move on to the final question & answer round whereby their general knowledge and presence of mind will be evaluated.


Comedy artists need to make sure that they stick to the allotted time limit for their performance. Crossing the allotted time limit will result in disqualification. The contestants will be judged on the basis of their stage persona. The performance script should be original and needs to be memorized as no cheat sheets will be permitted. Please bring your props if you are planning to use one as no props will be provided. Abusive language or jokes that might offend any race, religion or ethnicity will not be tolerated. Script should be appropriate for all ages. 

I Got Talent (IGT): 

This unique category will encompass any talent that is entertaining in nature such as Painting, Martial Arts, Yoga, Theatre, Contortion, Circus, and Illusion, to name a few categories. 

The idea behind this category is to be fair to all the emergent and aspirational artists whose talent doesn’t fit in any of the other categories. I Got Talent will be purely conducted online until the Grand-finale where finalists will be called to perform on stage. The category will be judged on the quality of entertainment quotient of the act. Each and every act needs to be limited to the allotted time and space. No outdoor or offstage premises will be provided for any performance.