Register as 3ion/Participant

Register as 3ion to Participate:

Any person from any place can become a participant i.e., 3ion by registering in any of our talent pool category or even in more than one category also, paying the nominal registration fees for the same. You are not entitled to register more than once in the same category.
You can make free registrations as Talent also where you can manage your profile and history and can upload videos/Audios, also can invite friends, family and others to get evaluations and also can review and update the profile on timely basis.
The participant/3ion registration will be valid for the year of competition, where the participant will be allotted with unique 3iii code, which can be used for further updates and notifications in regards to the short listing and ratings, also can be used to manage profiles and history by the participants.

Participation Category

There are 2 participation categories for the participants 

(1)    Solo category of talent pool as Singing, Dancing and Talent.

(2)     Group Category where the participants can come in group of minimum 2 and to a maximum of any number in each group and each participant has to make an individual registration in terms of fees. Each group participant has to submit the registration fees, with the group as for example, a group of 10 people will be paying a total of  $100 (or equivalent) as the registration fees if in case the registration fees is $ 10 per participant. Also the audition video uploaded will be a group performance video including all the participants.

Audition Process

The registration process can be completed by paying the fees in between the tenure of opening and closing date.
In case you missed this opportunity, you can enroll as a late participant or a wild card participant by paying the late fees which is elaborated in the late fee module.

Guidelines for the Audition Video

The audition video will serve as a basis of judgment, it is needed to upload in original with no manipulations and editions, in case are found so, the registration of the participant will be rejected or cancelled. The Video should be of high quality with clear audio, it may upload from computer or phone but the URL of YouTube should also be mandatorily provided.

The participants can create account on YouTube for the same keeping the following guidelines in mind.

(1)    The video should not exceed duration of 3 minutes.

(2)    It should be clear with no editions.

(3)    It should not contain any objectionable content.

(4)    It should not be sexually propagated.

(5)    It should be of high quality.

(6)    The video can be changed time to time, that will not make any difference in the existing votes and points.

If the above are not followed strictly the participation may be rejected or cancelled.