3iii 2022 Awards

International Indian Icon (3iii) 2017 (Singing, Dance, Instruments)
Indian Country Icon: Indian American Icon, Indian Canadian Icon(Singing, Dance, Instruments)
State Indian Icon: All State Indian Icons (Singing, Dance, Instruments)
3iii Certificates for all participants reaching Level-2 and above
$2,000/- for each International Indian Icon (3iii) 2017 (Singing, Dance, Instruments)


Coming through the grueling competition of 3iii is an incredible achievement and will stand recognized and conferred glory. 
Following are the list of Awards and accolades to be conferred upon deserving winners at various levels of achievement.

  1. Trophy for Winners of all Categories for 3iii Junior, Senior & Super Senior at International level.
  2. Medal to 1st and 2nd Runner-up and judges choices of all categories and age group.
  3. Certificate to all particiapnts qualifying for quater or semi-finale.
  4. Endorsed Cash prizes & Gigts
  5. Music Video