Tips and guidelines for candidates

  1. Keep track of the deadlines with the help of Calendar Reminders. Visit for updates throughout the duration of the competition.
  2. There are no substitutes for perseverance and hard work
  3. Just like an author must read other books too to enhance vocabulary, you must also view other videos to enhance your skills
  4. Be confident of your abilities and stop worrying about the final result
  5. If you are appearing in a talent show for the first time, use our facility to get a non-competition video judged first
  6. For online LIVE audition (Zoom), no need of uploading any video. You can directly perform in front of 3iii esteemed judges and get evaluated on the spot. You can perform with or without music, no restrictions.
  7. For onsite, make sure you reach on time and are well dressed and all onsite auditions will be shot with multiple HD cameras for production