1. What is the Registration Fee?

3iii Competition fees is a onetime fee of $50/- per participant payable on-line to take part in International Indian Icon (3iii) online competition for the year. To take part in yearly 3iii competition, participants will need to pay that year registration fees.
For registration in the Solo, Duet or Group category, registration fees is (USD) $50/-For registration in the Duet category, the fee is $50.
For registration in the Group category, the fee is $50/- (Does not matter how many participnats are in a Group). Registeration fees will be charged in USD only. 

Plus 2% on-line transaction fees (Sulekha Gateway Charges)

2. Why do I have to pay a competition fee?

The competition fee is kept for mainly two reasons. Apart from the competition fees being a source of revenue towards the operational costs of the show, it also ensures that only serious participants take part in competition.

3. Can I register in multiple categories?

Yes, you can but with different e-mail address and you will need to pay Competition fees separately for each category.

4. Would my registration expire? How long my registration will be valid?

Once registered, you become a 3ion, a lifetime member of 3iii. Which means that you may login to this website using your login id and password at any time, update your profile and upload any number of videos and pictures to maintain your Talent history on www.InternationalIndianIcon.com. However, the registration fee you pay is valid for the year of the competition only. You may participate in the forthcoming editions of 3iii by paying the registration fee for that year using the same login credentials.

5. Do I need to pay a competition fee for each level of the 3iii competition?

No. Your competition fee is a one-time payment covering all levels of the 3iii competition. If you qualify, you are automatically moved to the next level of the competition and will be updated about the same on your dashboard.

6. Are there any age restrictions?

No, there is no age restriction. However a participant of age less than 18 years will need the consent of his/her parents and/or guardian to participate in competition. On registration, participants will automatically be grouped into 3 different Age Group categories according to their date of birth.

  • Kids – 16 years and below
  • Junior – 17 -30 years
  • Senior – 31 years and above

7. Can I participate even if I do not live in USA or Canada?

Yes. Residents of any country may register as 3ions/participants of any state/country as long as they are able to provide a valid mailing address in the registered state/country.  All participants will need produce valid ID whenever required and asked by any Gee Team Member/official. In case you are not able to produce a valid ID, your registration could immediately stand cancelled irrespective of the level of competition you may have qualified for. All participants may need to produce valid ID at any level of the competition i.e., Quarter-final (Level-3), Semi-final (Level-4) and Grand-finale (Level-5).

8. What are the awards and certificates at the various stages of the competition?

International Indian Icon (3iii), Indian American Icons, Indian Canadian Icons, and all State Indian Icons will receive trophies and certificates along with declared, sponsored. Endorsed prizes, gifts, vouchers etc. Each of the awards will be for all three categories Singing, Dance and Instruments categories separately.
All participants who qualify for Level-2 auditions and above will receive electronic 3iii certificates which will be e-mailed to them within 30 days of result of that level.

9. Can I request a celebrity/professional judgement of my video separately?

Any participant can get his non-competition video judged by any Celebrity / professional judge associated with 3iii who is not part of the Gee Panel of Judges, on payment of his/her judgement fees in advance.
You cannot request judgement for your competition video from any 3iii judge.

10. Will I be able to view details of all judgements like score, Vote, comments etc. in my dashboard?

You will not be able to view votes and judgement of your competition video on your dashboard but will be able to view comments. You will only be notified of whether the entry has qualified for the next round or not. However, you will be able to view all details of judgments (Comments etc.) of all your non-competition videos.