Gee Judgment & Selection Process

Gee Judgment

For the On-line audition your video screener is your calling card. Which makes it imperative that the video is of HD quality, with clear sound, and video graphed in a single take without cuts. The Genius Panel of Judges recommend the following as parameters they look out for in your category-wise submissions.

Judges Expectations

The time you will enroll as a part of 3iii team as a participant, your rating process will start, this is a platform for feedbacks which gives you with scope of improvement as we are in a process to choose the best talent among you. Candidates will be rated on the basis of the audition video that will be uploaded by you, the video should be of high resolution with clarity as the overall video quality will affect the judgement. The panel of judges will constitute celebrities, professionals who will be the part of the GEE panel.

Duet and Group Categories

The rating points will be same as above mentioned for all the categories, with a special focus on synchronization and coordination of the team, partners should perform as a team and person should not do "out singing" , "out dancing" , "out playing" or should not disturb the flow of performance as in a group it will be an action and reaction performances for a better presentation and one single mistake can break the coordination which may lead to negative marking for the whole group.

Your performance will not only be judged by experts of your talent and judges of international standards, and high-profile celebrities and dignitaries but also be voted by your friends, family, mentors as well as critics thus make sure that there is no manipulation in your video and is of HD quality and is video graphed in one short.

Judging Criteria:


 For singing, the vocal ability will be focused as the melody, rhythm, key notes and the ability to hold high and low notes which will affected by the smooth start and end of song, clarity of words, emotions while performance and the way of presentation will serve as a major rating point. The singing performance will be affected by your body movements, emotions, confidence, focus, interaction and entertainment of the audience.

The vocal ability will be scrutinized for melody, rhythm, key notes and the ability to hold high and low notes, clarity of words and emotions during the performance. An X factor in the method of presentation, your body movements, confidence, focus, interaction and entertainment of the audience will always get you extra points.

Solo Dancing:  

Dance will be scrutinized for your footwork, body-balance, turns, spins, movement of hands and arms. Timing on beats both fast and slow beats in steps will certainly make your performance livelier. The choreography, interpretation with music or the theme on display, and other creative expositions make for great viewing and thereby judging. This will also include your presentation, confidence, posture, line, timing, hold, poise, synchronization, power, footwork, stage usage, look and feel, song selection, as well as technique, adaptability and facial expressions. Dancing is always affected by how well you do and what you do, your footwork, balance of body, turns, spins, movement of hands and arms. Timing on beats both fast and slow beats in steps will make your performance livelier for the judges. Content of the dance i.e. the choreography, interpretation with music or the theme that you are displaying, can gain the attention of judges as well of audience. This will also include your presentation, confidence, adaptability with steps you perform and mainly the facial expression and naturalism.


 Musical Instrument category will mainly base on the theme of performance, which will include creativity, showmanship, techniques, execution, timing, and message delivery, expressions with a core of entertainment and presentation to judges and audience.


Acting abilities will be judged on the basis of participants’ facial reactions, expressions, the way they speak and their ability to connect with the audience, the camera and the stage. Other criteria will be on the basis of how comfortable an actor is on the stage and if they utilized the entire stage not limiting themselves to one area. The participants need to make sure that they memorize their dialogues for their performance as no cheat sheets will be permitted. Other parameters for judging acting would be command over language and diction, Voice modulation, pitch and volume and body language.


For 3iii Fashion Icon, we are looking for a ‘total package’ that comprises looks and brains. Looks will include selection of dress or gown matching the skin tone, perfect teeth and smile, appropriate shoes, the right earrings, and a perfect hairdo. Even nails should be neat and manicured. It also includes natural beauty, poise, confidence, stage presence, and personality. Contestants will also be judged on how they present themselves. In other words, how well do they do modeling and cat walk? Contestants will be short listed after the talent round and the shortlisted ones will move on to the final question answer round where your general knowledge and presence of mind will be evaluated.


Comedy artists need to make sure that they follow the timeline for their performance. Crossing the allotted time limit might result in disqualification. The contestants will be judged on the basis of their stage persona. Comic timing and use of stage and body language will also be evaluated as a complement to the entire act. You are expected to have a strong stage presence in order to attract audience attention and keep them entertained. The material used for the performance should be original and needs to be memorized as no cheat sheets will be provided. Please bring your props if you are planning to use one as no props will be provided. If there are multiple rounds, you are expected to bring new material in each round. Please make sure not to use abusive language or jokes that might offend any race, religion or ethnicity. Script should be appropriate for all ages.

I Got Talent (IGT): 

This unique category will encompass anything and everything that is entertaining and comes under the talent umbrella. The idea behind this category is to be fair to those artists whose art form doesn’t fit the categories mentioned above and who deserve to be given a chance to showcase their skills in order to be part of the competition. I Got Talent will be purely online until Grand-finale where finalists will be called to perform on stage. The category will be judged on the uniqueness and entertainment quotient of the act. Each and every act needs to be limited to the allotted time and space. No outdoor or offstage premises will be provided for your act.

Give this your very best shot.

Selection process

Selection process involves delicate handling of the good, the better, and the excellent. The process of choosing from these three is process requires in-depth handling of the abilities and performance of each individual.

Our judges endeavor to identify the filter that separates the excellent from the better and the good! 

International Indian Icon (3iii) is meant to hunt talent, and is also the 1st online/onsite reality show of its kind. However, what sets this show apart is the way in which different media have been used to scout talent from around the globe. The Gee panel of judges possesses virtuosos in their respective art forms and rates all the performances objectively.

At the same time, to make the program competitive and popular, few participants are moved up from one level to the next level based on popularity/voting while others, who could not fetch sufficient number of votes to move up to next level will be judged by Gee Panel of Judges and 3iii International Jury to give fair a chance to each participant.

  1. Voting/Popularity Basis for on-line Audition Participants (Level-2)  
  1. Judgment of Gee Panel of Judges  & 3iii International Jury