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Gee Judgment

For the On-line Audition your video screener is your calling card. Which makes it imperative that the video is of HD quality, with clear sound, and videographed in a single take without cuts. The Genius Panel of Judges recommend the following as parameters they look out for in your category-wise submissions.

For the Solo Categories:
Solo Singing:

The vocal ability will be scrutinized for melody, rhythm, key notes and the ability to hold high and low notes, clarity of words and emotions during the performance. An X factor in the method of presentation, your body movements, confidence, focus, interaction and entertainment of the audience will always get you extra points.

Solo Dancing:

Dance will be scrutinized for your footwork, body-balance, turns, spins, movement of hands and arms. Timing on beats both fast and slow beats in steps will certainly make your performance more lively.

The choreography, interpretation with music or the theme on display, and other creativeexpositions make for great viewing and thereby judging. This will also include your presentation, confidence, posture, line, timing, hold, poise, synchronization, power, footwork, stage usage, look and feel, song selection, as well as technique, adaptability and facial expressions.

For Duet and Group Categories:

The rating criteria will be same as above mentioned for all the categories, with an added focus on synchronization and coordination of the team, as well as action and reaction interplays of partners in a duet.

Your performance will not only be judged by experts of your talent and judges of international standards, and high profile celebrities and dignitaries but also be judged by your friends, family, mentors as well as critics.

Give this your very best shot.

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