Judgment Criteria at International Indian Icon (3iii)


At 3iii, we take pride in providing a comprehensive and fair evaluation process for participants across various categories, ensuring that their unique talents are recognized and celebrated. Our esteemed judges employ a meticulous rating system, focusing on specific criteria tailored to each performance category.


In the singing category, participants are evaluated based on their overall vocal abilities, with attention given to melody, rhythm, keynotes, and the capacity to traverse high and low notes seamlessly. Judges also assess bodily movements, confidence, focus, and the display of a range of emotions. Extra points are awarded for possessing an X factor in the overall presentation and the ability to captivate and entertain audiences.


Dance performances are scrutinized on several aspects, including footwork, body balance, turns, spins, and the movement of hands and arms. Judges emphasize good timing to both slow and fast beats, choreography, confidence, posture, synchronization with music, presentation, and facial expression. A participant's ability to showcase confidence, creativity, and synchronization with music is key to a successful evaluation.


Instrumental performances are judged based on the theme, creativity, showmanship, timing, message delivery, expressions, and poise. The essence of entertaining both judges and the audience is at the core of this category. Participants are encouraged to bring forth their creativity, stage presence, and musical prowess in a performance that captivates and resonates.


3iii Fashion Icon seeks participants who embody both looks and intelligence. Criteria include the choice of dress in alignment with the participant’s skin tone, attention to detail concerning teeth, smile, appropriate shoes, earrings, and a well-groomed hairdo. Natural beauty, poise, confidence, stage presence, and personality play a crucial role. Contestants undergo a talent round and, if shortlisted, proceed to a final question-and-answer round, evaluating their general knowledge and presence of mind.

I Got Talent (IGT):

This unique category encompasses diverse talents such as acting, comedy, painting, martial arts, yoga, theatre, contortion, circus, and illusion. Acting performances are judged on facial reactions, expressions, speech quality, and the ability to connect emotionally with the audience. Comedy artists must adhere to allotted time limits, and original, memorized scripts are required. IGT is conducted online until the Grand Finale, where finalists showcase their talents on stage. This inclusive category aims to be fair to emergent artists whose talents may not fit into traditional categories. Acts are judged based on their entertainment quotient, and each performance must adhere to allotted time and space limitations. 3iii encourages creativity and originality while maintaining a commitment to appropriateness for all audiences.

At 3iii, our judgment criteria are designed to appreciate and celebrate the diverse talents within the Indian diaspora community, providing participants with a fair and encouraging platform to showcase their exceptional abilities. Join us in this celebration of talent, where every performance tells a unique story on the global stage of the International Indian Icon.