Judges' Expectations

Where, why, how and whom?

Of course, there are set of expectations, which you, as a participant (s), will keep in mind to get cleared of the eligibility criteria for online, onsite, judges, and social media audience. Accompany yourself with the expected to perform the best of your talent firsthand.

The time you will enroll, as a part of 3iii team, then as a participant, your rating process will start. That is a platform for feedback, which gives you the scope of performance improvement as we, 3iii team, are in a process to choose the best talent among you.

The rating criteria will be different for the various categories:

The time you will enroll, as a part of 3iii competition , your rating process will start as a participant. All participants will be needed to meet the expectations of professionals and celebrities in the Gee panel. 3iii acts as a platform for feedback, giving the scope for tweaking the performance for a high quality output. 

  1. For the Duet and Group Categories
  1. Solo singing
  1. Solo dancing
  1. Solo Musical Instrument

This category is mainly on the grounds of the theme of the performance, which will include:

  1. Acting

Acting abilities will be judged on the basis of participants’ facial reactions, expressions, the way they speak and their ability to connect with the audience, the camera, and the stage. Other criteria will be on the basis of how comfortable an actor is on the stage and if they utilized the entire stage not limiting themselves to one area.

The participants need to make sure that they memorize their dialogues for their performance as no cheat sheets will be permitted. Other parameters for judging acting would be command over language and diction, voice modulation, pitch and volume and body language.

  1. Fashion
  1. Comedy
  1. I Got Talent (IGT)

All the very best! Make sure you give this your very best shot!