Nov 22nd 2018

Register as Challenger to challenge 3iii Particiapnts to come to Chicago for 3iii Semi-fianals and proceed to fight for ultimate title of INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON (3iii) 2018. 

* Register as Challenger, Upload your video, Judges will judge your video and if you are selected will be called to Chicago for 3iii-Zee TV Episode Production for 3iii Semi-finals & finale where EUROPEAN INDIAN ICON (EII) will be selected who will proceed to Level-5 to fight for INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON (3iii). 

* All performances will be professionally recorded to make 16 Episodes which wil be telvised on Zee TV Network 

* Participants may go thorugh multiple level of performances. Program detail will be released to qualifying particpants 4 to 6 weeks before Grand-finale. 

* All particpants come to Chicago on their own expenses. Gee Vision will help them in arranging logistics like hotel, travel, food etc. but Particpants will be respoinsible for all cost.

* Finalists who are not able to come to Grand-finale may be able to participate on-line but opportunity will also be passed to next in line

Particpants perfom live in-front of Gee Panel of Judges

Nov 24th 2018 - Geand-finale Celebration & Awards 

* Winners, 1st and 2nd runner-ups wil be selected during Production but will not be declared. Result will be declared on Nov 24th 2018. Celebrities will award all trophies, certificates and all endorsed awards 

* Grand-finale will also be shot with multiple cameras and with Professional production team to include the celebration and awards ceremony in last 3iii Episode.

* Entire 3iii Production may go for 3 days. Workshops and training may be planned for participants by celebrities and professionals. Winners may need to stay for couple of days more to shoot a Single.

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