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On-line / On-site 

  1. On-line
    1. Level-1 through Level-3
      1. Level-1: Registration/Audition
      2. Level-2: Re-evaluation
      3. Level-3: State Icon
  2. On-site
    1. Level-4 (Country Icon) & Level-5 (Grand-finale)
      1. On-site if No. of registrations are met otherwise on-line
      2. If on-site, participants not coming on-site will be participating on-line but opportunity will be passed to next in line
    2. Travel & Lodging Boarding
      1. All qualified participants coming on-site will need to travel to Chicago, USA on their own expenses and will be responsible for their own lodging and Boarding expenses
      2. Gee Vision will arrange discounted Hotel and if possible Travel agent to book flights at discounted or reasonable rates
      3. On-site events dates and venue will be declared by end of July 2019