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Online/Onsite Competition Guidance

There are two dimensions of competition: Online and Onsite. Online competition (s) focuses on the selection process and registration. Onsite competition (s) focuses on the stage performance to compete for the title.

  1. Online

  • Starts with Level 1 and ends with Level-3
  • Level-1: Registration process/Audition Videos
  • Level-2: Reevaluation/Selection/Voting on competition videos.
  • Level-3: Selection of State Icon
  1. Onsite

  • Here, comes the Level-4 (Country Icon) and Level-5 (Grand-Finale).
  • Onsite registration applicable if number of registrations are not met online.
  • Selected participants if failed to come onsite, then they can participate online, but on-stage performance opportunity is entitled to pass to next selection.
  1. Travel, Lodging, and Boarding for On-stage performance

  • All qualified participants coming onsite will need to travel to Chicago, USA, on their own expense. And will be responsible for their own lodging, boarding, and enjoyment expenses.
  • Gee Vision will arrange discounted hotel (s) and if possible, a travel agent to book flights at discounted or affordable rates.
  • Onsite events dates and venue are subject to declare at the end of July 2019.