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Online/Onsite Competition 

3iii is an on-line/on-site global platform hosts competition on-line as well as on-site depnding on the number of registrations. 

Becasue of current Coronoa Virus situation, as of now all 3iii competitions of all level for 3iii 2020 Season-IV will be hosted on-line. 

By end of August, situation will be re-evaliuated along with number of registrations per state, country as well as globally and accordingly state, country and International Indian Icon will be decided to host on-line or on-site.

On-line/On-site 3iii Event policy:

  • Quarter-finals (State Indian Icons) are hosted on-site in the state, if number of particpants from the state are more than 200 otherwise on-line  
  • Semi-finals (Indian Country Icons) are hosted on-site in the country, if number of particpants from the country are more than 500 otherwise on-line 
  • Grand-finale (International Indian Icon) is hosted on-site if Global number of participants are more than 1000 (1st three seasons' grand-finals were hosted on-site in Chicago, USA along with all country icons (Semi-finals))
    • Qualified Participants from countries where Country Icon is not hosted on-site, are invited to venue of Grand-finale for on-site semi-finals

Travel, Lodging, and Boarding for On-site Events

  • All qualified participants coming onsite will need to travel to selected venue on their own expense. And will be responsible for their own lodging, boarding, and enjoyment expenses.
  • Gee Vision will arrange discounted hotel (s) and if possible, a travel agent to book flights at discounted or affordable rates.
  • Onsite events dates and venue are subject to declare at the end of August 2020.