Selection process

Selection process involves delicate handling of the good, the better, and the excellent. The process of choosing from these three is process requires in-depth handling of the abilities and performance of each individual.

Our judges endeavor to identify the filter that separates the excellent from the better and the good! 

International Indian Icon (3iii) is meant to hunt talent, and is also the 1st online/onsite reality show of its kind. However, what sets this show apart is the way in which different media have been used to scout talent from around the globe. The Gee panel of judges possesses virtuosos in their respective art forms and rates all the performances objectively.

At the same time, to make the program competitive and popular, few participants are moved up from one level to the next level based on popularity/voting while others, who could not fetch sufficient number of votes to move up to next level will be judged by Gee Panel of Judges and 3iii International Jury to give fair a chance to each participant.

  1. Voting/Popularity Basis for on-line Audition Participants (Level-2)  
  1. Judgment of Gee Panel of Judges  & 3iii International Jury