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  • Talent
  • 3iii provides you with the free registration category also where you can maintain your profile with us with a validity of life time and upload video, audios, pictures on the same, also can invite your friends and family to visit the page , or to give you rating and judgement, you can also select the paid judges from our panel which may include the professional and celebrities for their expert feedbacks and reviews.

  • Judge
  • (i) You can also register as judge to rate the videos uploaded online, you can rate anyone whose profile exists on the same.

    (ii) Also can register in the professional category, if hold an expertise in the field, where you can charge the fees for your expert comments and feedback on the audio and videos of the 3ions, this can also serves as a medium of link building for you by the linkage of your professional work or website with the 3iii platform.

    (iii) You can also join us in the celebrity judge category, where your talent performance and your website, may attract more and more 3ions to get judged by you which you charge for.

    (iv) The judges can also choose to be a part of the IEM panel, and can showcase your talent and performance with the linkage of your work to our website. The IEM panel team will be the final decision authority on the later stages of the show.

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