Why 3iii?


Unveiling International Indian Icon: A Global Stage for Indian Talent

India, known as the land of entertainment, boasts a vibrant cultural heritage that has gifted the world with timeless art forms. From the ancient Natyashastra to the contemporary Bollywood extravaganzas, India has always been a cultural hub, captivating audiences with its diverse performing and visual arts. Recognizing the immense pool of untapped talent among the Indian diaspora, International Indian Icon (3iii) was conceived to provide a global platform for artists to showcase their skills and celebrate the richness of Indian arts.

International Indian Icon, or 3iii, is not just a talent show; it is a movement designed to connect Indians worldwide to their cultural roots and provide a stage for them to shine on an international level. The platform acknowledges that artists outside India often face limited opportunities to showcase their talents compared to their counterparts within the country. 3iii strives to bridge this gap, offering a unique opportunity for the Indian diaspora to express their creativity and connect with their heritage.

3iii stands out as the first show exclusively tailored for migrant Indian talent. It is a testament to the diverse talents that exist within the Indian diaspora community, spanning continents and cultures. The platform welcomes individuals with a passion for singing, dancing, acting, fashion, playing musical instruments, and any other form of artistic expression.

Participating in 3iii is a straightforward process. Artists need only record a high-definition video showcasing their talent using a camera or smartphone. Following this, they can register on the official 3iii website or app and upload their video. This simple registration and video submission process opens the door for artists to be part of a global showcase, reaching audiences far beyond their local communities.

Building on the success of the initial seven seasons, 3iii is proud to announce the launch of its eighth season. The overwhelming response from talented individuals has prompted the continuation of this exciting initiative, providing a platform for aspiring artists to gain recognition and exposure on a global scale. The success stories emerging from previous seasons serve as inspiring testaments to the impact and potential of 3iii in shaping the future of Indian talent on the world stage.

International Indian Icon, with its commitment to promoting the performing and visual arts within the Indian diaspora, is not just a talent show; it is a celebration of culture, diversity, and creativity. Season after season, 3iii continues to empower individuals to embrace their roots, connect with their heritage, and share their artistic gifts with the world. As season 8 unfolds, it invites talented Indians from around the world to join this cultural movement and make their mark on the global stage.