Why 3iii?

India is the land of entertainment since our entertainment industry churns out the most number of movies in a year, and is a cultural hub for various art forms. Consider the fact that India has given the world Natyashastra - one of the oldest surviving texts on performing arts. It is natural for Indians to get swayed by singing, dancing, or musical instruments or purely entertain the masses with their talent. 

There is an immense pool of untapped talent amongst Indians around the world wishing to demonstrate their talent to the world. Keeping this in mind, International Indian Icon was born to nudge the Indian diaspora community to come together and take center-stage on a global platform to celebrate India’s performing and visual arts. 

  1. 3iii allows people of Indian origin to stay connected to their roots and embrace the richness of performing and visual arts. 
  2. These artists do not get the same opportunities to showcase their talent that artists residing in India get
  3. 3iii is made for the Indian diaspora community (migrants). It is certainly the first show to be made exclusively for migrant Indian talent. 

All you need to do is record a video in HD quality using your camera or smartphone, register at our official website or app, and upload the video. If you wish to get auditioned live - choose Online (Live Zoom) option that would let you audition in front of the judges of your choice. Or else, you can go for Onsite audition which will enable you to get judged face-to-face.

After the huge success of the initial four 3iii seasons in the western world, we are coming to India and Asia to give an opportunity to talented Indians. Winners of Indian Icon will be invited to Dubai to compete with winners from other countries to win the title of International Indian Icon.