Why3iii Go Back

We The Indian Americans & Canadians live in that part of the world where the industry of entertainment thrives unlike any around the globe. Our heart takes a beat, the vocal chords hum in an auto mode as we swoon to Bollywood numbers while watching some of the most incredible Instruments showcase their skills in the TV shows made in India.

There is an immense pool of untapped Instruments amongst the Indian Americans & Canadians, which is ready to throw the towel in the entertainment arena and are itching to find a platform to show their sunny sides whether it is singing, dancing, and musical instruments or for that matter purely perform to entertain.

And that is exactly why for the first time in the history of Instruments competition, a show is being made which migrants will call theirs. So guys and girls, get ready for a ride, which will take you through a journey of passion and performance.

For all the Indians residing in America and Canada, this is your calling. We call upon all the singers with enigmatic voices and also the supremely Instrumented dancers to become the first international Indian Icon of the 21st century. This is one in a million chance you would not like to let go. So pick your smart phones, make a video of your performance and don't forget to register and upload your performance on our official website.